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9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of The True Dark Ages
March 800 AD | Looking for Players
The world is now in the 9th Century, and the Early Middle Ages is in full swing. Adventurers are constantly in demand. Some act as mercenaries, others follow the path of magic and bolster their respective nations. Groups scattered here and there long thought dead can still be found, haunting the fringes of growing & established empires. All the while, strange and powerful creatures stalk the lands, some hidden in plain sight, others from the shadows. All the while, ancient evil beings only spoken of in myth & legend or old wives tales, work from behind the scenes looking for domination over the world. With the rise of Christianity and Islam, the old ways fight back, and for the machinations of deities best left alone are weakening these religions so they spread slower. Are heroes able to change or protect the world, or is the world doomed to darkness?

This story is told by



  • Europe
    Map of Europe during early Middle Ages.
Supporting Cast
  • Alfre
    Last pixie of her tribe Looking for allies Found with a sprite longsword
  • Ashe Wolfe
    Cornish mercenary leader Has a thing about trolls & cats Expert monster hunter
  • Baldwin Gerswinda
    Owner of the Eschbach Shields Comes from tavern owning family Married with two children
  • Bjorn
    In his 90s Lives in Eschbach Was a woodcutter
  • Childeric Ludger
    Short stout hairy Dwarf. Calls everyone Laddie or Lassie. Always smells of the forge.
  • Dwarven Hammer Guard
    Heavy hitting Dwarves Mercenaries
  • Master Magical Brewer Elvira Appel
    Member of the Appel brewery family Has access to some magic Travelling around Frankia
  • Emma Duckthorne
    Young Druid From western Frankia Highly trained in the Druidic Orders
  • Emon Kanis
    Half-Elf wizard Currently serving Charlemagne Lives in Aachen
  • Burgomaster Ewald Odila
    Grizzled war veteran, and Jarl Adalolf's right hand man. Honest, and has a balanced outlook on life. Well respected by the Wien citizenry.
  • Eylir
    Jovial owner of the Metal Beaters Tavern. Large heavy set and reeks of ale. has big mutton chops and slightly bald.
  • Farahald
    Dedicated wizard of the Wien Merchants Guild Good at his job Fair in his dealings
  • Priest Father Tossil
    Young priest, newly arrived in Wien. Middle of three children. Speaks a good few languages.
  • King Fell Asgersonn
    Dwarf King. Leader of the Clan Asgersonn Stronghold. Good fighter.
  • Fleur
    Female musician Has 10 y.o. & 15 y.o sons Member of the Council of 3
  • Floki Bigbeard
    Short, stout, and very loud. Constantly wearing a bear skin. Loves the ale.
  • Gothus Miraak
    Handy Rock Gnome Thief and good at fine work Go-between for clients and other thieves
  • Heavy Elvish Archers
    High Elves with bows Fight to protect their homes Heavily armoured
  • Hundi Gunthr
    Young Huscarl serving as an elite warrior for the Jarl. Married to Aelyth Guntr (also a trained Huscarl). In charge of the local militia and their training.
  • Kulug Jocki
    Armed, armoured Hobgoblin Well trained mercenary Outcast of his tribe
  • Leonitus Bringas
    Cheerful, young merchant Greco-Roman from Constantinople Trying to get into the Frankish markets
  • Light Elvish Skirmishers
    Wood Elves with bows Used to protect their people Lightly armoured
  • Magaritte le Garou
    Leader of a small travelling community Well respected by them Not that violent a person
  • Martine Sascha
    Lithe Ethiopian Hunter of Yuan-Ti Protective of her people
  • Meaven
    In her 60s A herbalist by trade Lives in Eschbach
  • Mikeal Andolf
    Scarred military man and sergeant at arms in Frankia. Regularly leads small units of men on different tasks. Practical and tough.
  • Miss Moro the Magnificent Mage
    Chirpy Hibernian Mage A healer to boot Traveller
  • Chieftain Olec
    Grumpy leader of a La Tene tribe Allied to the local Wood Elves Lives in the forested region of the Central Massif
  • Preator de Angelo
    Dour official of the Vatican City & Rome Ambitious Knows many laws and work arounds.
  • Raph the Goth
    Gothic in nature, gothic in name Handy with a sword Physically scarred forehead
  • Rofsind Gunza
    Middle-aged Wizard Lives alone Willing to teach others
  • Runik Vladimir
    Middle-aged priest residing at the monastery of Fuken. Tired and world-weary. Helps where he can.
  • Sigihelm
    Arrogant servant of Hundi & Aelyth Gunthr. Known to disappear on occasion usually about the full moon. Knows a few secrets about the local nobility.
  • Sigiric Theudsind
    Barkeep, and business gnome Sometimes grumpy Has a penchant for trying new ale recipes.
  • Sigrada Adelmunt
    Young female fighter Comes from minor nobility Carries her father's sword
  • The Seeress
    Peaceful, Aasimar Priestess of Light Helpful if approached respectfully
  • The Burgeaters
    Squad of 10 militia that regularly gets the dangerous jobs round Parisius. Nearly all have been severely reprimanded in the past. Has done nothing to warrant jail or execution but given time....
  • Turi O'York
    Dangerous adventurer looking for a fight. Has decided to see what lies to the south below Bohemian Massif. Looks slightly like a bear.
  • Welf Leudast
    Spritely Gnome always smiling. Long white beard, and bright eyes. Usually cheerful.
  • Count Wilhelm de Sade
    Tough unflinching Count Keeping an eye on the de Rais family Governs Parisius

Scheduled Sessions

Thu 22nd February 2024 21:00

Drinks on Reolus

Reolus gets the chance to start up a business.

Sessions Archive

15th Feb 2024

Making it Back

The team make it back and they have a chance to catch up.

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8th Feb 2024

Entering the Feywild

The team are able to enter the Feywild and help Alfre before going home

Read the Report
1st Feb 2024

Nearly There

Read the Report
25th Jan 2024

Avoiding Death to Find Their Target

The team needs to avoid a couple of hazards to get to Vladimer.

Read the Report
18th Jan 2024

Making it to the Urals

The team gets to travel to the Urals to find Vladimir

Read the Report
11th Jan 2024

The Big Fish Calls

A spot of fishing & a bit of travel trying to find a Mansi Shaman

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4th Jan 2024

How Far The Team Will Go?

Maybe a crack at trying to spy on the Necrocult.

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21st Dec 2023

Tidy Up Before The Big Threat

Some of the team get a chance to strike against the Necrocult before doing anything else.

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14th Dec 2023

Choosy Beggers

Go.L.F. has to choose between going back to the cave, going to Orleans, or going to Novgorod.

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7th Dec 2023

The Massif Calls

The team decide to try a rescue mission and a bit of treasure hunting.

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30th Nov 2023

Finish up & New Travel

The Cunning Linguists finish up with the painting & decide what to do next.

Read the Report
16th Nov 2023

A Walk Through Hell

A gift is given to a certain party member.

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9th Nov 2023

What Happens During The Night....

The team get to see the dark side of village life....

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2nd Nov 2023

Tickling the Edge of Civilisation

Will the team survive their venture into the wilds at the edge of the Frankish Empire

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26th Oct 2023

Plenty of Easter Eggs

A few eggs, Anselma seeking help and the secret police

Read the Report
19th Oct 2023

Easter is Coming

What strange eggs the team get.

Read the Report
12th Oct 2023

Party Time Shenanigans

How much trouble can these guys get into? Way too much.

Read the Report
5th Oct 2023

A Bit of Tomb Raiding & Answering for the Prisoner

The team get to pay up for their crimes, and get to raid a certain tomb.

Read the Report
29th Sep 2023

Pulled into a village

The team gets a pointer to the Bladed Pouch

Read the Report
23rd Sep 2023

Returning Home

Returning to Eschbach, the active elements follow up on their recent adventure.

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21st Sep 2023

Down in the Dark

Choices are available to the team, but do they want to go down the left hand path or up the right hand path?

Read the Report
16th Sep 2023

On a New Path

Fleec gets to follow a new path in life.

Read the Report
14th Sep 2023

Laying the way

The Stompies have to assemble the basics for travel to Alexandria.

Read the Report
7th Sep 2023

Finishing the Hamlet

Getting the hamlet under control

Read the Report
2nd Sep 2023

Journey to Egypt

Fleec ends up travelling a bit more

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31st Aug 2023

Searching the Hamlet

The team investigate a good bit of rock, and decide if they like it or not.

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24th Aug 2023

Catching up with Old & New

The team has a couple of new faces to fill in. They also have a few little tasks to catch up on.

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17th Aug 2023

Getting paperwork in

The Scooby Gang gets caught up on the town of Eschbach

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3rd Aug 2023

A little fort time

Will the heroes need a diaper change after this?

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20th Jul 2023

What do we have here?

The team discover a few camp people.

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13th Jul 2023

Under Pressure

Why can't the undead give some love?

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6th Jul 2023

Getting to Uppsala

Anselma gets the chance to help her husband, and a big fight.

Read the Report
29th Jun 2023

Getting to the island

Slowly the time is coming for the heroes to depart

Read the Report
22nd Jun 2023

A day or two before leaving

A bit of downtime & follow up them leaving north

Read the Report
15th Jun 2023

Travelers getting close.

The party is getting close to the island of Baltia.

Read the Report
8th Jun 2023

Hi Ho Hi Ho, it's up the world we go...

The party runs into a number of adventures while heading north.

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1st Jun 2023

A New Player From An Old Enemy

The team possibly gets a look into a new group too.

Read the Report
25th May 2023

Assassin Follow up

Follow up to last.

Read the Report
18th May 2023

A visit from the Emperor.

Charlemagne passes through Eschbach.

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3rd Mar 2023

Getting sand in the pants

Finding the entrance to the mines.

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9th Feb 2023

Heroes are in a Sticky Situation

The heroes find themselves against a foe that may leave them blindsided.

Read the Report
3rd Feb 2023

Tunis and the Mines

Fleec eventually sets his feet on dry land

Read the Report
13th Jan 2023

Seeking the Hardened White Stuff

Bring all those brave or foolish to the temple and the island.

Read the Report
29th Dec 2022

Naughty and not very nice

No-one expects the Inquisition....

Read the Report
8th Dec 2022

Into the darkness

A bit more about the strange mine that exists.

Read the Report
25th Nov 2022

Wide Awake and Alert

The heroes get to find out more, and maybe fend of a possible enemy.

Read the Report
3rd Nov 2022

What Have the Heroes Discovered?

Looking at the prize, after killing Athelbrooke, what information is retrieved?

Read the Report
2nd Nov 2022

Travelling to a new city

Our intrepid wander thief finds himself travelling to Tunisia

Read the Report
21st Oct 2022

Raid the Saxon Scum...

... they enjoy heroes cleaning their scum up.

Read the Report
6th Oct 2022

Pumping a priest for more info....

The heroes finish up with Father Tossil

Read the Report
22nd Sep 2022

Probed by the Darkness

While the others are preparing & running errands, Willhelm gets round toa thorough probing.

Read the Report
15th Sep 2022

Side Hustling

Them heroes need to cement their holdings a bit.

Read the Report
2nd Sep 2022

I Vant To Suk Your Butt

The heroes encounter a sucker....

Read the Report
25th Aug 2022

The Silvery Tongued Birgin

Birgin gets his lovely pile of silver.

Read the Report
11th Aug 2022

Tickling the Elders

The village elders need a good ticking to get in line.

Read the Report
29th Jul 2022

Info Dump

A priest is about to do a big info dump

Read the Report
22nd Jul 2022

Travelling Home

Further Information

Read the Report
21st Jul 2022

Finally the Undead is in Sight

The Siege will end tonight.....

Read the Report
14th Jul 2022

Ass We Get To The End In Aachen

The siege is coming to an end (hopefully).

Read the Report
8th Jul 2022

Not You Again

Fleec gets a surprise reunion

Read the Report
30th Jun 2022

The Ass End of Aachen

The final show down between Saxon & Frank..... At least for the time being.

Read the Report
16th Jun 2022

Aachen Assventures

The dreaded assault is coming close now. Can the heroes mitigate the worst of it?

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9th Jun 2022

A Gambit Later

A chance encounter of the trickster kind.

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19th May 2022

Eschweiler Antics

The adventurers are in for a surprise.

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28th Apr 2022

A little bit of burglary

A chance for our resident thief to get his teeth into something

Read the Report
21st Apr 2022

Hi Oh, Hi Oh,....

It's off to Aachen we go.

Read the Report
17th Feb 2022

Fun & Games with Saxons

Who is going to end up like John Wayne fresh of the saddle?

Read the Report
27th Jan 2022

Saxon Attack

Nothing like a classic wave of old school metal

Read the Report
20th Jan 2022

Clearing out the Forest

Will the old hag spit out the heroes, or swallow them whole?

Read the Report
9th Dec 2021

Down in the dark

Down to meet the old hag.

25th Nov 2021

The Green Black Forest

What's the story, evening witch?

Read the Report
18th Nov 2021

Getting Back to Big Bushes

A wee look at the Black Forest.

Read the Report
11th Nov 2021

Session 0.1

A new hero arises

Read the Report
7th Oct 2021

Bit more downtime

Improvements are always handy.

Read the Report
16th Sep 2021


A bit of downtime to gather information, and catch up on some fun for the characters.

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9th Sep 2021

The Library

What lurks at the heart of the library?

Read the Report
2nd Sep 2021

Finishing off with the Cavern

The cavern gets finally cleared.

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12th Aug 2021

The Militia To The Rescue

Letting the redshirts go first into the cavern

Read the Report
5th Aug 2021

The Cavern

Do the plucky adventurers continue, or do they return to Parisius for help?

Read the Report
16th Jul 2021

Prelude to a Dungeon Delve

A start to a bit of underground fun.

Read the Report
25th Jun 2021

Road To Parisius

Starting the journey to Parisius.

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28th May 2021

Saxon Attack

There's trouble on the Saxon front.

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21st May 2021

Between Time

Everyone gets to decide what to do next.

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14th May 2021

The Gunthrs House

Something strange is afoot.

Read the Report
30th Apr 2021

Poo, Poo Everywhere and not a Drop to...

Read the Report
23rd Apr 2021

Sweet Sweet Sewers

Hi Ho Hi Ho, it's off to the sewers we go.

Read the Report
16th Apr 2021

Session 0

An introduction to the world. Maybe an assassination attempt too.

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The Protagonists

Willhelm zerstoren

Chaotic Good High Elf (Willhelm verstoren)
Rogue 3
24 / 24 HP

Stormthrower Bloodaxe

Chaotic Good Human (Norse warlock raider for hire across the continent)
Warlock 3
21 / 21 HP

Fleec Snow

Chaotic Neutral Half-Elf ()
Rogue 6
35 / 47 HP

Reolus Rhin

Chaotic Neutral Tabaxi (Folk Hero)
Rogue 14
101 / 101 HP

Grimmaz Fyrwin

Neutral Human ()
Fighter 14
144 / 144 HP

Ale Storm