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Cardinal Machiavelli

Cardinal Machiavelli is a notorious Roman Catholic Cardinal of northern Italian extraction. A human of particular focused mentality, he is known to be domineering and most that met him fear & hate him. He appears as a man of absolute faith in the Church, but most think it's a case of absolute faith in himself.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Cardinal Machiavelli grew up in northern Italy, and has been in the Roman Catholic Church since he was 15. As part of the Church he believes to a degree, but has always seen it as a primary means to get himself into a position of power. This would fit in with his family who view themselves as superior to most, and family only are important. He follows the same traits as the family being domineering, superiority complex, a lack of morals, and the inability to feel empathy to others.   He is willing to make others fear him if they don't respect him, and will use the resources of the Church to increase his standing. If it benefits the Church all the better. Machiavellia is noty above employing dirty tricks, misinformation and assassination to further his aims, and even help the Church.   So far it has led to him gain the level of Cardinal, and quite a few enemies in the process. Although saying this, he made quite a few allies in the process. He had heard of two groups up to the north. These happened to be the Ulmist Inquisition and the Church of Ezra. Not knowing too much about them, he soon found that they had a tendency of having hardline members that fought against those they referred to as 'Undesireables', and against light & life. This he could manipulate to his own ends, and he did. Getting members of these organisations to his side who acted as his own private army.   So far he has used them to gain more influence in the Church, and in many social & political circles. This led him to recieve information by an unnamed individual in the Vatican, who provided him information of a village near Lake Genova in the Northern Alps. Travelling there after being told that it is a village of the damned, he took over 100 allies. When they seen it was a village of Tieflings & Dragonborn.   Machiavelli had the village massacred & crucified the inhabitants before taking over, expanding it to town size and renaming it as Blutberg. So far he has stayed there and getting a Papal Bull issued to himself to act as a base of operations for 'demonhunters' and 'monsterhunters'.   And there he sits waiting for his next move to come.

Cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church Ally to the Ulmist Inquisition Residing near Lake Genoa

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Light Brown
Balding, short and white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Wrinkled & lightly tanned
5' 7"
127 lb
Roman Catholic
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