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Scouting Blutberg

At Owle's request, Blutberg is checked and gets a shock at the shape of his old village & family.

Plot points/Scenes

The team gather to travel to the site of the old village now named Blutberg. Owle wants to find out what happened to his family and this is the chance to see what happened. At the same time they may meet a few hardline characters that cause some concern for them.   They will find it a bit hard going as there is the usual high elevation in places, and deep snowy passes to traverse. In a few cases there is the chance of suffering from hypothermia or falling into a crevice between 10 to 60 feet deep 1d6 causing 1d10 bludgeoning damage per 10 feet. The hypothermia may cause 1 to 3 levels of exhaustion and 1d12 cold damage.   When they make the village they will see the damage caused by the Ulmist Inquisitors, none of which they can turn or properly question due to their fanatical nature. Also, this may cause them to be captured or even killed if they're deemed heretical enough. Eleia, & Owle are at greatest risk, followed by Reolus. The rest are safe to a degree but may get looked upon as consorting with the enemy.   They are likely to see the remains of Owle's family crucified at the centre of town.   Also, they aare likely to be dragged or end up in a newly constructed church with Cardinal Machiavelli in it. He will tell them hat they were alerted by an unknown individual that had arrived in the Vatican who told of their location. After reading Owle's father's journel, he has found out that the individual was likely a female Tiefling that works for the Black Pope and that she broke the protections that protected the village. She done this when the leaders of the village turned down the offer of following the Black Pope.   They are planning the scouring of Rome too now to try to rout out this evil. And they plan on staying in this new town of Blutberg, as individual Tieflings & Dragonborn still arrive once in a while after being cast out of other areas. Nothing seems to go against them doing this and no persuasion or the like can stop them.   They may try to escape and seize their items if these are took. They just have to find out the best way out of the church, and their items hidden in the back. They likely have to go through a pass behind the town to get away but there is a greater risk of the weather conditions making it worse.   Either that or they stay hidden and they find out very little.
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