Ulmist Inquisition

The Ulmist Inquisition is a shadowy organisation that has spread to a few regions of eastern & central Europe through misty portals while they were exploring the bloody work of a vampire. They originally came from a country called Barovia on another world, and trace their origins to Malitain, a city in Barovia. They use psionics, being trained in their use, to probe the minds of others, and to vanquish evil in all forms. Their zeal in such matters are legendary enough, that any who encounters one & knows of their power, hates & fears them, as much as any evil creature. If it not for the fact they fight to prevent evil from winning they would be crushed by local leaders. They are linked to the Church of Ezra, and also to a shadowy realm ruled by a self-styled first of vampires in another dimension. When working beside adventurers, the latter has to be careful not to give away any dangerous or negative thoughts, for the wrong type of thought could be misinterpreted and cause the inquisitor to turn on them.   Many Inquisitors set up cells in major settlements and along trade routes. From there they can easily keep track of information, rumours, and individuals. They will employ mercenaries, clerics, spies, scouts, and recordkeepers to collect & report findings, have back up if a strong arm is required, and store their knowledge as well as spread this to other members & other bodies when & if it is important enough. The inquisitors are generally split into one of three types depending on the training they have received, and can either work alone, or as a team of three depending on the threat. So far, they have been teaming up more & more, and with other potential allies too. Where ever they look they see a growing darkness all around the world, getting stronger every day, and know they have to do something to force it back at least temporarily, or stamp it out altogether. Saying this, the former seems to be the easier of the two options.


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