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What to do with the Cavern?

The team must consider now what to do with the cavern of the Black Pyramid. Two main options are open. They can either go on down or they can leave.

Plot points/Scenes

The door has been opened to the very edge of the region containing the Black Pyramid. It is built into a massive cavern wall with the top unable to be seen. A well-worn trail leads on down through a dark rocky environment with black sand, obsidian rock worn in strange shapes and an Onyx Tower is seen in the distance.   Beyond this (or maybe just before), they may find none other than Birgin the Winter Storm laying on the ground, broken with thethreee scales that housed the gems ripped from him. At the same time he is chained down by heavy black iron chains with meathooks ib his flesh. Barely alive, he will warn them that he was tricked by the Avatar of Leviathan being told that his flesh was weak. Cenobites of the Order of the Gash then dragged him to that point and chained him down torturing his since, drawing his blood since to 'feed' to the Avatar to restore his body. He will also warm them that the Serpents are present as well, those who take human shape, or those that take serpent shape, that worship & study here when they can, and if they make it past all other dangers including the Cenobites who prowl the land. He may refer to them as the Surgeons of Pain, and they have chosen a family of noble blood in the court of the Holy Roman Empire as manufactuers of individual items to call the Cenobites to those who seek extreme pleasures of the flesh, or esctatic pains.   The Avatar might make an appearance here and let Birgin go. It would inform him that he will act as the eyes & ears of the Avatar in the above world, as they are now linked. Also, it might kill Birgin outright 25% .   The team can go and explore the Onyx Tower, and they will hear it ring out along with a baby crying. Also, it looks like some type of grotesque ritual had took place recently as a partially nude humanoid is laying there dead and slight fishy looks to them. It has been "descrated", along with implements implying cannibalism.   When the tolling of the bells starts there is a 50% 1d100 chance that at least one cenobite shows up, and maybe even Librarian Stitchscar. Along the way to they can see the Black Pyramid descending out of the dark clouds many miles away. Something dark long & winded is flying around it.   At the same time, there is a greater chance of Yuan-Ti being present (75% chance on 1d100 ).   Along the wall is another trail and worn with both tracks including foot fall & a swishing motion on it like a snake. If examined, it leads to a natural cavern that gets small enough to allow a single person of large size to move up or down, and worn away by a mix of water & sand. Leading up it will appear in a small set of hills to the east of Alexandria near the coast and in an unpopulated region, though strange old sand stone pillars are found half buried here, and a chill wind blows. The pillars have elements carved in with snakes, pyramids, and two strange 'monsters' on it: a huge sea serpent like creature with strange sharp designs on it, and the other a void like creature with multiple eyes. To the south a mile or so is an oasis. There is the risk they may be attacked by Jackelweres, Thrikeen and / or Yuan-Ti here.   If they take a look they may want to either press on or see about allies. Especially that they have an opening to the region. Recent use at the part outside Alexandria down into the cavern, appears to show that a large force of creatures had travelled down into the cavern. Not all appear human or humanoid. If attacked by hidden enemies, they will find electrum coins of ancient design bearing serpent heads and the odd unknown language.   They then have a choice, usually one of the following:  
  • Find help in or at least warn Alexandria by speaking to the military led by a captain called Ibrihim al-Saladeem. Though unfriendly at first he is willing to listen and give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Go to the Library warning the Librarian Loxodon, who has found information about the Star Gods & the Black Pyramid*
  • or, Make for Europe to warn their allies.
  * The information supplied can be found under "Star Gods & Star Spawn" and "The Black Pyramid". He will also say that any enertgy that is mentioned is that of other dimensions interacting with the matter of the physical world, and some would class elements of it as spiritual in nature. In every case it needs warped versions of matter that contains an essence of these energies to survive here and bend the universe to the will of the deity of creature who knows how to. Many of the Star Gods laid a 'bad seed' amongst many species and can feed on their dreams & nightmares as well as communicating directly with them. He may also state that the Black Pyramid acts as a Nexus Point for evil powers enhancing them & feeding them in 'times of famine'. It's also tied in with an entity that is condemned by Allah to act as a gateway to Hell, and a possible prison on Earth for Leviathan to stop it destroying Allah's creation. Unfortunately it escaped into Hell taking over the Labyrinth as it's own portion of Hell. The cenobites / Order of the Gash are the priesthood of Leviathan who has altered them with the help of an Engineer of Hell to convert sentient beings into serving him. It also acts as a place for many powerful beings throughout the world to be taught some of the darkest magics and the best they may be able to is to cap it, draining the worst of the evil energy from it at least for a long long tie I'ch Allah.   They can take this information with them when they go home to see if it is of any use. At the same time, they have to be careful that no-one else finds out about it, along with too much exposure to the site may start to twist them, at least spiritually. The Yuan-Ti are described by many in the know as a race of snake worshippers with two branches, though from the same root. A temple worshipping Seth & Apophis, and the temple of Set (which appears as an offshoot created for 'foreign belief'). They are found in hotter climes stretching across the world, and linked to the islands of Atlantis & Mu (in a faraway sea). It may be mentioned that another city that is hard to pronounce is found in this sea as well.   They may find that when they reach Eschbrook the town is damaged after a raid by Saxons & Undead.


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