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Kulug Jocki

Kulug Jocki

Kulug Jochi is a Hobgoblin. Hailing from western Mongolia, he has fought his way across the Eurasian Steppes and has eventually arrived in Austria.   From a young age Jochi followed the path the majority of of Hobgoblins, fighting in the warbands of his tribe, and rising to a leader position. It took a number of years for his nose to turn red, so his path was slow, and with it appearing later than most, the rest of the tribe was suspicious he had faked it at first. His prowess at fighting, his ability to lead, and his tactical acumen was such he grudgingly won the respect of many. Unfortunately a few of the high command of his tribe still mistrusted this upstart so decided to work against him.   When the chance came to act as mercenaries for the Avars, his tribe sent him and a few others to fight as shock troops for them. They knew he would be far away from their central power base in Mongolia. They hoped an accident or other inconvenience happened to him during the wars that were to follow. It seemed that this was not to happen, so they managed to secure the services of a few assassins to take him out. So far he has killed each one, and out-thinks them. After the last attempt he became disillusioned with the constant threats of his life, and has packed his life up, moving to Austria for greener pastures.   So far Jochi has made it to Wien looking for mercenary work, but having little success due to the constant skirmishes along Austria's borders. He has considered bodyguard work for the nobility of the city, and even trying mercenary work for the Saxons.   He has now fallen in battle trying to kill an enemy of his people. With being beside the team of adventurers, he has being buried in a cairn beside where he fell. When they returned they sent word to his people what had happened.   Rumours have surfaced around Novgorod that he has been risen to act like a herald to a necromancer. Passing through Slavic lands he has brought disease to different settlements while he travels south west on some unknowable quest.

Armed, armoured Hobgoblin Well trained mercenary Outcast of his tribe

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