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Fury of the Saxons

Willhelm Zerstoren is on the run. He has been accused of stealing a defacing a ritual grove near the border between Old Saxony, and Frankia. He must find the real culprits, a band of warriors from Frankia that is still making advances into Saxon lands.

Plot points/Scenes

The introduction of Willhelm Zerstoren, beings with him being accused of a crime he didn't commit, that of destroying a sacred oak grove. Believed to be at the village raided by Grimmaz, Fleec, and Floki with a bit of help, he needs to find out what happened. Only thing is, he will find out he's not exactly welcome back, and his superiors want him to infiltrate the Franks more than wanting him to clear his name. Turns out too, that a letter written in strange tongue has been sent with him. It is in Mongolian, and the only person who can read it is Kulug Jocki.   It will say that Willhelm is a liability to the main Saxon empire in the long run, and they need to get rid of him. The Saxons have thought of an idea to send him to find information about the village attack, and at the same time the Franks will kill him. The letter is signed by a being named Lord Diablos, master of the Cult of the Dead.   At the same time there is a high risk of a strange fog descending the dead rising in the fog itself. What is it and why did it appear now?   Chances are it was created by Lord Diablos to cause fear in the Franks before the main attack on Aachen and to help cover the advance of the main Saxon army.   There is also the chance Birgin the Winter Storm arrives too, to hunt out Agelo and question her.


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