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Emon Kanis

Emon Kanis

Emon Kanis is a Half Elf wizard who has served the occupier of Aachen for over 30 years. He acts as a neutral party advising on all topics when needed. He trains two to three new students every few years. He is middle-aged and slenderly built. Originally from what is now Denmark, his father was a Norse man, and his mother a High Elf. After his father died, his mother moved further north, and rumoured to have eventually returned to Alfheim. His father is buried in a cairn in northern Denmark.   He was always magical by nature, and learned the basics from the Fey & Elves before moving into Saxon held territories. There, while picking up rituals & spells from local magic practitioners, Kanis encountered the Tower he now inhabits. Taken in as an apprentice, he studied hard and eventually was groomed to take over when the old wizard of the Tower passed away. Since that time he has served both the Saxons, and now the Franks, always giving a balanced viewpoint to any who asks his advice.   He bears no hatred of either tribal group, and will always be up front & honest with both. The only time that Kanis will show a violent side is if the Tower is threatened. Charlemagne has decided to let Kanis and his tower stand as many times he has demonstrated the ability to help out in the long term. If he wasn't useful to the King, Charlemagne would have executed for practising witchcraft, and torn the Tower down.

Half-Elf wizard Currently serving Charlemagne Lives in Aachen

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