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Session 27: Ass We Get To The End In Aachen Report

General Summary

The heroes are nearing the end of the assault, and Willhelm's family has been took out of the city to safety by Fleec. While they are deciding what to do, the white dragon lands in the market place looking to get some justice for his treasure being raided, and access to the tower. He introduces himself as Birgin the Winter Storm and from the Scandes Mountains. At this time the heroes finds that he is wiling to help for a price. That price lies below the Tower of Emon Kanis and belongs to his red kin.   At the same time the Saxons are starting to make inroads at the east gate, and Birgin shows that he will help by weakening the army by using his ice breath on them. This causes the Saxons to flee after taking heavy casualties. When he returns he shows them they way to get down in below, and while the heroes goes down, he will scout out the undead army.   Emon Kanis lowers the wards around the tower while Birgin reads the draconic writings on the floor aloud, and announces that he has to use his ice breath on it to open. When he does, a large hole opens up in the floor with a set of steps on the wall round the circular chamber leading down. There is a glow coming up from below.   Grimmaz doesn't like this as he had a bad experience once below ground, so draws his axe and they head down. Getting down they notice bits of the rock is glowing hot, still affected by the magical energies of the red dragon. Over in the main chamber ahead of them is the skeletal remains of a red dragon, and a few of it's scales. Willhelm takes one of these. To the north and west is wreaked entrances. To the east is the old treasure chamber of the red dragon with piles of gold, gems, jewellery and a plinth. Willhelm lifts a pile of the gold in a bag, 3 healing potions and 3 rubies. At the same time the plinth is examined and it has a black dragon scale on it with a white pearl, a black pearl, and ruby mounted on it. It feels slightly cursed somehow. Grimmaz lifts it gently using cloth. They also notice a crack in the roof of the cavern which looks as if the local cathedral would be over.   They proceed back up, and Grimmaz denies having the black dragon scale to stop anyone trying to get it. Agelo tries to knock out of his hand and Grimmaz is forced to tell that he has it. Agelo puts it in a bag, and a Gnome wizard that is present states it is not cursed cursed but dangerous all the same. They ask Birgin about it when he returns and he explains that it magical, and built by him, the red dragon, and the black dragon. It acts like a map to a repository to the south the black dragon's spirit protects.   He will also help if paid to deal with the undead, and stop from hunting down Agelo & Bjorn in the meantime. Turns out an Adolf Forktongue had contact with Agelo before and used skilled learned to steal from Birgin's treasure hoard. And also, Bjorn is a distant clan member of Adolf. Also, he informs them that the undead army is about an hour away.   Before this, they have decided to get as much oils as possible to fill a trench stretching round most of the north east, and plan on setting it on fire, and they going to set it on fire while having a thorn wall up at the closest side of it to prevent anything crossing. Spellcasters are helping with this. Birgin is going to drop a couple of barrels on top of the horde too to help set them on fire, then collect his payment and go.   The army arrives at twilight, and they set out with scouts to one side to attack & harass the enemies, while they plie into the burning oil. It was left that they have set fire to the front lines, and injured one of the commanders. Still locked in combat they are truly near the end of this.

Rewards Granted

3 rubies, some gold - at least for Willhelm.

Character(s) interacted with

Emon Kanis, Alfre, Birgin the Winter Storm, and Count de Ath.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Grimmaz Fyrwin
Neutral Human ()
Fighter 14
144 / 144 HP
Report Date
14 Jul 2022
Primary Location


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