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Session 51: A day or two before leaving Report

General Summary

Next day well rested getting up getting breakfast. Gang all there except Grimmaz.     Reolus visits the marketplace walking around, the stallholders are starting to lay out their stuff. Same with the animal sellers. The odd one here and there walking around with the thieves mark on their shoulder.   Most of them mind their own business.       The majority seems to be of Saxon decent. But allot of Franks also. The odd Jewish stall setup there.   Guards walking around the area. Couple of stalls are selling different small pouches and kits. Wide range of gear from pickaxes to different sets of lockpicks, climbing gear and stuff.       Dwarf running a hardware store. Some halflings around making contact with a covered wooden structure to the side.       Locally made items by the Ludger clan.   Ludger created the blades. Guaranteed highly priced.   6 silver for new daggers.   9 silver for some black black powder (pepper).       Using thieves cant get introduced to the thieves guild. Wood Elf helps me to find the thieves guild.   The thieves guild is hidden in a cellar. Stops by a grating. Flexes back and goes first just to make sure. Jumps down the bottom. Grabs a handle to open a door. About 50 yards up towards the west below a house near the market is a hidey hole. Goes up trough the door with a knock.       A group of different guys sitting in a room. Gnome & Halfling kobold looking over a map. Chasing different markers. Some weapon racks with 3 dudes hanging around 2 seem to be younger, one elderly. Strange noise from a corner far from the door (left) birdman type of creature working away.   Page seems to be unique very fancy.   Raphael of the thieves guild, old man might know something about creating weapons. Reolus introduces himself.     Raphael suggest using a small wooden tube, maybe slightly wider at one end what you can do is if you pack this in with a bit of a weak seal at either end.   Reolus leaves.       Anselma looks at the market for some clothes and meets Margarete older lady finely dressed, to look for some clothes against the cold. Small glasses like grandma. Margarete holds up a light armour that's made of wool. A top design and some trousers. Check them first to see if you like them. Anselma tries them on.   The dress Anselma has on isn't all that armory possibly created with rags. Still some regal air to it from another cultures type of regal. Anselma strips and puts on the cloak trousers and shirt.   Margarete also gives some boots and long gloves.     Anselma tries the boot and clothes. Then Anselma strips in the middle of the store for all to see (but no-one's around). Margarete is going to adjust the clothes.       Barbers looking at us after breaking an arm of an elf.       Local group of army heading out east gate.       Anselma getting her clothes.       Anselma and Reolus moving on to the Thieves guild.   Reolus vouches for Anselma.   Anselma gets introduced to the Thieves guild.       2 small cylindrical objects. About the length of the index finger. At the end of the hole. Blow it like a blowpipe and the pepper will come out in someone's face     If ever in Parisius in the west, harbour tavern The Slinky Sienne. One of the head honcho's there Floki the Tramp They can take care of the underground with allot of things.       Reolus and Anselma head off to the tower to meet Emon. He's up on the first floor. Emon and some gnome wizard are standing there looking at some books.       Looks like the thing we where told about seems to be that a couple of suspicious regions to the west near the coast Aquitaine and Brittany¬† between those 2 borders on the coast suspicious areas especially the Brittany site of the dark kin.   Form a book compelled recently some strange small cult out there.       Report we got from a couple of cavalry officers. One's saying he encountered a group in that region. Seems to be part of the bladed pouch group. Looking for an old tomb that they believe one of their ancestors are in.       Emon meets Anselma (local court wizard).       Emon using magic. Anselma's husband made landfall. He's at the Swedish territory/coast. He is still strong and living but there seems to be something wrong. He's moving inwards toward something called Uppsala.       Uppsala is an old religious site used primarily by the Norse and to a lesser degree other Germanic peoples. Slight dark power over him possibly going there to be healed. Region of undead there.       With the help of dragon, Birkin the Winter Storm the Franks drove off undead from attacking Aachen. He came from the mountains that dominate the western part of¬† Scandinavia.       Copenhagen best place to get a ship.       Floki requests to go along to Uppsala and Baltia.       Anselma and Reolus return to the Inn to get some food.

Rewards Granted

6,500 XP.
Created from extensive notes by Pretmaker.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Grimmaz Fyrwin
Neutral Human ()
Fighter 14
144 / 144 HP
Report Date
23 Jun 2023
Primary Location
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