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Floki Bigbeard

Floki Bigbeard

Floki Bigbeard is a Dwarven berserker from Norway, having travelled south in hopes of gaining a mix of treasure & glory. Told by the gods of Asgard, and the spirit of the bear that both will be delivered to him.   A Hill Dwarf, he is well over 150 years old, with bright orange-red hair done in a Mohawk style head hair. A long orange-red beard & moustache is on his face. Tattooed with bluish black coloured pictograms of bears & runes cover a good part of his body, head & face. He wears leather armour - a jerkin, trousers, and boots. Small pouches are on the armour holding basic survival gear, and he carries a Greataxe, and Seax.   He was born near the Johunheim Mountains, and belongs to the Hill Dwarves who protect the foresters, miners, and caravans who travel this region. The Hill Dwarves there are still protectors of the region, and have a long military tradition. Many are warriors of one type or another. They are supplied by Mountain Dwarves living in the Jotunheim Mountains, and both military groups work closely together. There is also a strong tradition of berserker slayers in the region, especially concerning the slaying of Giants, and their lesser kin the Trolls. Floki is a member of one of the berserker cults in the region, that have taken on the aspect of the bear. He has a hatred of trolls, of which he specialised in slaying. The bear cult he belongs to is the same as his family's, and they worship the Aesir as well.   After spending a number of years living in the same region, Floki has decided to follow the trails south to see what is there. Also, he believes the gods want him to help in a number of battles that will bring him great fortune & renown. Visions have played a part of this and he has been shown disturbing imagery of the world turned to a warped twisted shadow of itself. This is the point he will talk about. If pushed, he will state he is destined to team up with a set of humans, a half elf, and a few others. This is all to prevent a massive war between the dead and creatures so twisted only by the strength of a few can it be stopped, or at least delayed. He will only speak of this if drunk enough.   Floki believes this to be the time of the start of Ragnarok, and he is fully prepared thinking he may have found the people he has been shown.

Short, stout, and very loud. Constantly wearing a bear skin. Loves the ale.

Character Location
Current Location
Northern border of Austria
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Lawful Neutral
Date of Death
Year of Death
801 AD
Circumstances of Death
Killed fighting a Troll during the Battle of Uppsala
Place of Death
Orange red Mohawk
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Lightly tanned, and heavily tattooed


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