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Eschweiler Follow-up

After the rest of the team is introduced to the Seeress, they have the chance of leaving the town of Eschweiler. There is enough space for other Franks to cross & cause problems for the Saxons.

Plot points/Scenes

The players have a choice. Continue helping at Eschweiler, or return to Aachen.   If they choose the former then they may have the chance to attack the army from the rear. In the former there is not much that can be done, and the Saxons may withdraw & link up with their main force.   If they choose the latter then they can attack from the front and hopefully help avoid unnecessary deaths. This way they have the majority of the city to help out and prepare for the assault. Only one thing that slows them up is that there may be sabotage & feign attacks by local Necrocult cultists, as well as skeletons & zombies raised to terrify the defends. They may want to deal with them first while the rest prepare.
Plot type
Preparation for a big fight.
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