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Encounter at Eschbach

The heroes are asked to travel to Eschbach at the request of Count de Sade. There has been trouble with a group of Saxons who have arrived and are threatening the remaining locals. The band of Saxons are made up of a Jarl and five thegns.

Plot points/Scenes

Grimmaz is called up to travel to Eschbach, where there is rumours of a Jarl and five thegns have arrived looking for some loot hey hid in a ruined home. They are boasting they killed the children & the woman of the house while the man of the house was off in the wilds. They call him a coward for not being there ever.   News of this has reached Count de Sade, who thinks this is the perfect job for Grimmaz. The house belonged to the Fyrwin family.   The red diamond is buried under the floor boards. If found by the Jarl he will try to contact Lord Diablos immediately, and get him summoned to the town. Lord Diablos is likely hiding in the forest to cover himself in darkness, though there is another reason. An old ruined & overgrown menhir, and an old sacrificial table, is presently covered in old pre-human sigils. Below the ground right in front is a covered pit where the bodies of humanoid creatures were buried. The skeletal remains are a mix of human & what looks like goats (goat-like face & horns, and goat-like legs, as well as slightly larger tailbones). A strange mist hangs low over the ground, and not very thick. This is half a mile south east of the old Fyrwin house. It is a cursed place with a hidden story behind it. Supposedly if it is disturbed in any way, a creature made up of the flesh of the worshippers will rise if the menhir, table and/or burial is disturbed, a twisted creature made of some of the remains of past victims will rise to defend it (some locals call it a Gibbering Mouther under their breath), and it is a child of the Outer Gods.   Either way, the Jarl & thegns will have to be dealt with, and the red diamond took to safety.
Plot type
Revenge plot.
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