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Free Time For Building & Study

The heroes have a bit of free time, and some little changes might be in order for them.

Plot points/Scenes

When the players go to Eschbach, they can see that the basics have been started. This is more joust land clearance and resource gathering. Also, there is the odd petition to start certain businesses or expand them, as well as ideas to build two specific things into the Motte-and-Bailie. One is a treasury below it, and the other is a magical study attached to the Baillie.   A spy is captured and she is to be sent to Aachen to be dealt with.   At the same time Grimmaz is to go to Parisius to speak to Father Tossil, and will find he has returned to Wien. At the same time, Willhelm will start to study the occult and find certain strange visions / dreams / nightmares start to haunt him, as well as finding that even if he eventually accepts an invitation, no matter how 'pure' he is there may be no escape from a horrible fate, insanity, and/or damnation.   Grimmaz will see if he eventually learns Latin, and Willhelm will start learning Abyssal. Also, the latter will find that some texts are wrote in other languages that he cannot understand without translations. At the same time, both will find that they do not have any true occult books except the Blood Magic book. If Willhelm keeps marking himself eventually something may reach out in a way that is unexpected and draw something through. On top of this, he'll find there's more than one place called the Abyss, and to never trust a demon or devil. After all the Abyss proper is far more dangerous than the Abyss attached to the demon realms, and they are all liars & 'thieves' as in stealing souls & names.   Father Tossil will also advise both about drawing too much attention from the evil powers and that the wrong type will easily overpower him. Both will be given basic access to the Order of St Benedict's libraries. They can browse any information there, or items/books that are to be sent on to the Vatican. If Willhelm is not careful he may also attract groups such as the Ulmist Inquisition, and most Good Aligned religions. This may have dire consequences down the line, and at least someone from the Roman Catholic church will be checking in regularly with him. Grimmaz will also be tasked at keeping an eye on Willhelm where & when possible too.
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