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While doing a job for the Thieves of Frankia, Fleec has some bad news. Elonga Lola has escaped from Marina Sascha (who is at present injured and on her way to Fleec's location). At the time he is in Aachen helping set up defences, getting out possible refugees, and keeping an eye on de Reis who is sniffing around the Tower of Emon Kanis.

Plot points/Scenes

Fleec gets an assignment from Floki the Tramp to take a map of the sewers of Aachen to their people there. This is to shore them up, and at the same time help the locals find ways out if need be. At the same time, the counts & king are sceptical as to why de Rais is three, especially since he has took an unhealthy interest in two things. The first is the Tower of Emon Kanis, and what he believes is under the tower, and the second is the remains of a Star Spawn Grue that has been brought to it.   During this time, an injured Martina Sascha has been brought in, who initially has asked for a courier to travel to Parisius to summon Fleec. She has a message to be delivered that Elonga Lola has escaped and was seen heading to Aachen. It seems Elonga had poisoned Martina, and wanted to link up with de Rais while at the same time, wanted to get access to magic used by the Saxons allies.   The latter is rumoured to be using the sewers to hide & travel around the city undetected.   If the attack of the Saxons happen then there Fleec will be asked to travel them showing people where to get out in the west of the city, or places to hide until safe to move.   Either way he will be asked to or encounter Elonga Lola in the sewers leading to a fight with her.    Before or after he is likely to have Emon Kanis who will explain the strange writings on the floor of the tower and it is suspected that there is an old cavern somewhere below containing something dangerous. Emon Kanis will also warn that a white dragon has been seen north, and appears to be heading this way. Exactly why is unknown at present.   It is possible that Fleec and Martina are caught up in the siege and forced to take part in it.
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Investigation / assassination
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