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Lord Diablos Makes An Appearance

In the aftermath of the siege, Lord Diablos is likely to seek revenge. This can easily happen when he takes advantage of the chaos of the attack.

Plot points/Scenes

When the players meet up after the siege, they end up with an audience with Emon Kanis, Charlemagne or both. When they are settled in and given a chance to relax, Lord Diablos slips in to kill one or both of the NPCs, and hit the characters too if he can.   This happens either in the Tower of Emon Kanis, or in the Palace of Aachen.   He has used a disguise to get in using the remains of a guard. When in' he seeks out a good spot to attack and can be fought off, along with any undead he raises. There is the chance to permanently kill him, or even capture him. If captured, he can give further information on the two cults (the Necrocult & The Children of the Nazarene). He will admit both are after what lies below the Tower and his masters are aware ancient dragon magic is present there, as well as the power there could be used to awaken further dragons. If not, it could be used to access a place of ancient knowledge lost to the cults aeons ago. They are also afraid of at least one other cult in the south still using it, who are looking to increase their own power.   If killed, this is lost to the players. They will find a drawing on Diablos' body that shows a dragon scale with what looks like 3 attached gems.   At the same time Grimmaz gets his lordship and writ of trade, and a further writ of help expanding Eschbach, and building the motte-and-bailey. At the same time Willhelm gets his citizenship & introduced to the Thieves Guild of Frankia, while Ale gets his party day.


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