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Old Saxony

Old Saxony is the name given to the Germanic country controlled by the Saxons in Northern Europe. For the most part, Old Saxony is primarily a plains, with the mountainous regions of the Harz & Hesse to the south. These help to protect the country to a degree from the Franks. Widukind (or Wittekind) is the present ruler of Old Saxony, and a mortal enemy of Frankia. The country gets it's name from the fact that 400 years roughly beforehand many Saxons emigrated to southern Britain.   At the time of 695 AD the Saxons had become hostile to Christianity, removing all missionaries and killing their two leaders. They are staunchly pagan. This, and their propensity for raiding their neighbours has led to the war with the Franks. They are still a highly homogenous nation, wit strong ties to kindred and clan. It primarily includes the regions between the Elbe & Saale rivers. Their worship is directed to Iminsul (or Great Pillar), a tree stretching between Heaven and Earth. This existed at modern Obermarsberg, and has been pretty much destroyed by the Franks, angering the Saxons further.    Between the mouths of the Elbe and the Weser it bordered the North Sea. The only parts of the territory which lay across the Elbe were the counties of Holstein and Ditmarsch. The tribal lands were roughly divided into four kindred groups: the Angrians, along the right bank of the Weser; the Westphalians, along the Ems and the Lippe; the Eastphalians, on the left bank of the Weser; and the Nordalbingians, in modern Holstein. But not even with these four tribal groups was the term of tribal division reached. For the Saxon “nation” was really a loose collection of clans of kindred stock. For example, the Nordalbingians alone were divided into lesser groups: Holsteiners, Sturmarii, Bardi, and the men of Ditmarsch.   They are Tribal Confederation, and their capital is Marklo. It is on the bank of the river Weser, and midway between Verdun and Minden.


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