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Auntie Grimly's Hut

The players set about finishing off Auntie Grimly for good. They have the means to get into her home. When there, they can access it pretty easily. When in it is a damp dirty place, with a table covered in gods know what, along with another sturdy table with chains & manacles built onto it and covered in blood. Also, there is three sturdy wooden cells for captives, racks & shelves of spell components & other paraphernalia for spells, a bed in one corner, a large (very large) cooking pot in the centre with a fire under it, and a cooking fire built into one wall. The cooking pot has a dirty dark green fluid bubbling in it, and a ladle stuck to the side. If stirred or used body parts start to float up, and the cooking fire (if examined) in the wall has the remains of two young children being spit roast over the fire.   Auntie Grimly is waiting for them using an invisibility ability to surprise them. The they get to work trying to stop her.   When killed, the players can lift some magic bits & baubles, and sell them on for money.   They can return to their contact to receive a couple of magic items. Both are offered either a Mantle of Spell Resistance or a Ring of Spell Turning. Also 30 gps each & either a healing balm with 3 uses, or three 1 use spell component of their choice.   They can if they want, attack the Saxon fort near by.   Also, they find a note in Auntie Grimly's lair stating that she has seen ravens coming & going to the camp on the 28 of every month, and the Saxons seem especially active at this time too. This is due to the contents of a treaty found on the Saxon commander found in the Documents tab.
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