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Assault on Aachen

The heroes have found out that there is a strong possibility that the city of Aachen is going to be assaulted by a combined force of Saxons and Undead. They have to help protect the city from being overrun.   Saxon levies, and champions, fight alongside a large undead contingent, and will do everything possible to destroy the city if they can't take it back. A blow would be struck either way against the Franks. The people in the city must either fight or flee, or be protected.   The heroes have now found the note concerning the attack and have now to either go directly there of go to Parisius for support. They have the option of either before the attack, though time is now of the essence. Either way, it is likely the sergeant-at-arms Mikeal Andolf, and the militia unit The Burgeaters will be there to help in some way. Floki Bigbeard is likely to be present as well.   They will be called up to the Palace of Aachen at some stage too. Given payment initially but also with Willhelm trying to 'kidnap' Alfre at one stage in passing, he is to be punished for this crime. Likely to involve saltwater, and a live goat while tied down.

Plot points/Scenes

The first thing the heroes and the city of Aachen sees is a large force Saxons & undead attacking early in the morning from the east. They will try to find a way into the city. This will be through some defensive element, and different parts will be tried in the east of the city to probe where is weaker. These can be repulsed if need be.   If they are unsuccessful then the fighting can be done on the areas outside the city. If not then it comes down to street fighting.   The heroes may need to literally help deal with putting out some fires, and helping civilians flee from the fighting.   There is the chance that Willhelm will be able to misdirect some of the forces to the north gate with a document called The King Must Be Protected. If he goes to the Saxon camp and talk to the Saxon Jarls & Theigns there he can have a chance to misdirect at least a portion of the overall army.   In doing so, they may be damaged by Birgin the Winter Storm, and hopefully deal it some damage too. It won't stop Birgin altogether from his mission, but may slow him up. It should be quite easy to do this. His family can be released though he will still need to find some way to escape, and the Thieves of Frankia may help with that.   On top of that, Durge will find himself sent back to Earth. When he got through the portal he runs into a rather powerful being referred to as the Son on the Morning. Turns out Durge acts as a focus for him to go back & forth to Earth, and one of many unwitting agents. He is given the task of working with the other heroes, at least in the background if not side by side, aid them, and help in bringing down some of the other religions & cults who do not follow hellish denizens.

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