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Session 30: Tickling the Elders Report

General Summary

Grimmaz made it to Eschbach using Emon Kanis' Dimension Door. Arriving at the village he has decided to approach the Elders of the village (Bjorn, Meaven & Fleur). He explains the that he needs to talk to them about subjects concerning the court of Charlemagne, and Meaven tells him about a shrine that exists in the forest to the south east.   When they enter the village hall, he tells them everything that happened when adventuring and is informed that a new church has been built beside the village. Also, he informs them that Charlemagne has offered him both a trading hub position for the village and lordship as well for the village & surrounding area.    They go to talk about it and Alfre / Kulug tells him that a priest is outside and he goers out to see Father Tossil. Tossil is told about what is going on and informs that Birgin is likely trying to get to the Black Pyramid to restart the dragon cults & resurrecting the dragons. It is linked to different realms and draws power to it. It is made of obsidian, and with elements from other planes such as the Flesh of Leviathan. Birgin has a link to the other dragons and wants obviously to get them back, and killing the undead army cuts down their numbers but likely led by a powerful servant of the Children of the Nazarene, and the Necrocult. The Yuan-Ti is mentioned. Tossil mentioned he will help with the evil shrine, and says something to Grimmaz in Latin. Grimmaz is to learn more of it to be able to speak it.   Grimmaz goes back to the Council of 3 (Elders). He's told that he can set up the trading hub as an attached village and a motte-and-bailey, and as long as they have the council, they will accept him has the lord.   Eventually he goes back to see Tossil, and is told that the local Catholic priest, the local pagan priest, and help from the Fey should help to cover the evil shrine. Everything has a reddish 'glow' to it, and writing can be seen on both the table & menhir, that appears in a strange language that looks like Deep Speech. Alfre says the place is evil, ancient, and older than the Feywild. Kulug goes and gets the two priests, and Alfre goes to get help from the Fey. Kulug returns with the two of them, and Alfre returns with 6 other Pixies, and two Treants. While they both carry out cleansing rituals, the burial ground part moves and a collection of bones come out and attacks. Grimmaz hops in with Kulug, and slaps the creature to pieces between them. An hour later the two groups restore the area to a natural environment, but the treants warn that it may return in the future so one of them will stay just outside the area to monitor it as long as a watcher to warn others. It and the village's religious sites are to be left alone.

Rewards Granted

3,300 XP. Also, the trade hub & lordship has been agreed to.

Character(s) interacted with

Alfre, Kulug, Father Tossil, Fleur, Bjorn, Meaven.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Grimmaz Fyrwin
Neutral Human ()
Fighter 14
144 / 144 HP
Report Date
11 Aug 2022
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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