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Session 26: Not You Again Report

General Summary

Fleec is given a mission from Floki the Tramp. He is to travel to Aachen to collect the family of Willhelm, get them out of the city and if he can, get further information on de Rais.   Fleec gets on a horse with the relevant letter top get him in. Arriving the horse is handed in, and the guard tells him where to go. After this Fleec arrives at the edge of the central marketplace, and is let in to the Tower of Emon Kanis. Kanis had contacted the Thieves Guild of Frankia to see about Willhelm's family, they are all standing in the ground floor with Emon , Ale, Grimmaz, Durge, and Agelo. After being introduced, Emon shows a basic map to the sewers to help show Fleec where to go, and is told they are to be protected as the Saxons could easily retaliate by killing them for the betrayal of Willhelm. Someone was also spotted during the night slipping into the sewers.   When they go to leave, Fleec sees a person coming round the corner, and realises it is Martine Sasha. She appears unwell, and he has to help her into the tower. There when healed it turns out that Elonga Lola attacked her killing the other two guards, and cutting Martine's hand. The blade was poisoned and she was suffering the effects of it. Elonga was hiding in the city and was meant to be looking for de Rais.   Getting down into the sewers, Fleec goes first, followed by the Elf woman, and the two children, backed up by Martine. They go down a straight line, heading west, passing a chamber / room on the south wall filled with spider webs. Then they come across another with a slight glow from torches just inside the entrance. Fleec realises someone is there hiding just out of sight. He tries to sneak up, but fumbles clutching his dagger, and accidentally goes forward stabbing Elonga on her abdomen. She falls and Fleec calls Martine over who decapitates Elonga, taking her head.   Both go to leave, and realise that the woman & children are being held at knife point by a hooded man. He speaks telling Fleec that he will let them go when finished. He explains they done him a favour by killing Elonga as she was trying to get the crown and diamond that had been previously stole from under his house. He admits to knowing Fleec, who realises that it is de Rais present. He wants Fleec to get him a book from under a church in southern Britain that he is looking for. He hints that he knows about Fleec's family, and Fleec should return there. He gets everyone to stand there for 5 minutes while he escapes, and leaves. They all then make their way out to safety and starts to travel by horse & cart to Parisius.   At this time, Willhelm's mother explains what happened, that they were saved, the Saxon Jarl was kidnapped, and her thegns killed, along with a portion of the Saxon army has been damaged. She goes on, that the white dragon arrived circling over the city looking for someone or something, and an army of undead is also bearing down on Aachen. There is meant to be something under the Tower all are after, and the other Adventurers are staying to help out and prevent any follow up, while trying to get the undead army attacked by the white dragon.   Eventually they arrive at The Slinky Seine, and Fleec explains about the book, Martine's injury and the snake people to Floki, as well that de Rais will contact him when he wants the theft of the book. The Tramp explains the book came from the old Library of Alexandria, and a group of birdmen called the Kenku had came from the Far East along the Silk Road with stories of these serpent people. They are called Yuan-Ti, and are on the rise again, but prefer warmer wetter climes. They are dangerous and trying to destabilise Europe, while holding up the Undead cults at the same time. Weakening all would make it easier to take over, and are almost as old as the dragon & giant cults. He says he will try to find out more in the meantime.   When Fleec talks to Martine, she explains the Yuan-Ti care common enemies for her people too. They are ancient, and looking to take over, going as far as to travel up the Nile to Alexandria. From there buried in the sea is an ancient black obsidian pyramid that used to belong to a black dragon that the Yuan-Ti are interested in. Very hard to get there, and at least two entries are known about vaguely, one somewhere around Alexandria, and one in the northern part of the sea. She will explain more if she remembers anything. She also wants some way to deflesh the head she has to take the skull to her people to divine what Elonga knew. She will stay with Fleec in the meantime to help out where she can   At the same time Fleec is given as payment by Martine a beaded necklace with an ebony cruciform & stylised head worth some money. She admits that she has a fancy scarification of a cruciform below her neck and lower ranking warriors have similar. Fleec also gives money for safekeeping in at the Slinky Seine.

Rewards Granted

2,700 xp. Cruciform necklace. Bracers of Protection (at start).

Character(s) interacted with

Emon Kanis, Floki the Tramp, Martine Sascha, Elonga Lola, Drogon de Rais.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Fleec Snow
Chaotic Neutral Half-Elf ()
Rogue/assassin 8
88 / 61 HP
Report Date
08 Jul 2022
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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