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Jarl Cwenhild Saxton

Jarl Cwenhild Saxton

Cwenhild Saxton is a female noblewoman of Saxon origin. She is in her mid 20's and has recently lost her husband Egberth to the war with the Franks. Like a number of other noble Saxons she has learned to fight & defend herself. She has no children at least not yet. Many suitors have came forward to try to win her hand and so far no-one has been chosen. Some have remarked she could be married to the Franks to bring peace between the warring parties. Again she has rejected this.   Her family originated in Aachen before its takeover by the Franks, and this has caused her a further blow, and now is willing to drive them out by any means. The one thing that torments her about this is the thought of what damage could be caused to the civilian population. She would prefer for the Franks to withdraw and leave Saxon land, but will happily bleed them dry if they don't.   Cwenhild swings between moods at present after the death of her husband, and is slowly getting over the loss of Egberth. She used to be more level headed, and was the voice of reason in matters of court & warfare. Now her more volatile nature will see her try to be peaceful & gentle on one side, and ruthless & bloodthirsty on the other.   When younger, trained to fight, as her father thought that it would be good idea for her to defend herself. Also, it was the intent that she would see what war & bloodshed was like. At present, this has pit her in some good standing with the Saxons she leads, as she will quickly fight on her behalf. Cwenhild is quite literate, and was taught Latin, along with Old Nord to allow her access to trade with both the wider world, and the ability to call on allies from the north.   She is well respected by her people, and even with her recent outbursts against the Franks, it is known she is still mourning her husband. She regularly makes sure they are fed, clothed and able to earn coin wherever possible. Given time, her people hope that she will remarry, and produce a heir.

Jarl of a Saxon tribe Speaks Old Nord, Saxon & Latin Lost her husband 5 months ago

Character Location
Current Location
Old Saxony
Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Long light brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Germanic Pagan
Aligned Organization


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