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Session 25: The Ass End of Aachen Report

General Summary

Willhelm started off attacking Jarl Saxton, and her thegns. He got help from Agelo, and both killed the three thegns. From there they captured the Jarl, broke her legs. In the process of this, Willhelm injured his foot by accident and had blasted the thegns with frost knives. After this they got some hacksilver, a note and rescued this family (mother, brother, and sister). He then examined the map they were looking at, and noticed that the map was of the local area, and had two markings on it. Northwest of Aachen, a cave and town was marked out, and beside Aachen a dragon skull was marked.   They then proceeded out to meet up with the rest of the team and try to head back. They made it as far as the forest edge at the east of Aachen, and found most of the army at the east gate. Archers were firing arrows into the city, and three catapults are firing towards the city. Grimmaz & Agelo attack the catapult teams. They wipe out two teams, and the third flee. They then decide to fire rocks into the Saxon army to disrupt them, followed by a few flaming body parts, and the helmet of the Jarl (Willhelm's idea).   After this, they destroy the catapults travelling south and Grimmaz remembers that the north & west of the city is relatively quiet. They make their way north with little bother, and start to make their way to the Tower of Emon Kanis. When doing so, dawn is breaking and conscious of something flying over them. Turns out it is a huge white dragon.   They make it to the tower and speak to both Emon Kanis & the tower guard's captain. They handed over the Jarl, who will be interrogated and Willhelm's family will be moved safely to Parisius. They are made aware of the undead are still on their way and they don't like traveling by day.

Rewards Granted

2700 xp each.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Grimmaz Fyrwin
Neutral Human ()
Fighter 14
144 / 144 HP
Report Date
30 Jun 2022
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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