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The northern & western continent of the known world. It stretches from the Mediterranean to the Arctic Sea, and from the eastern Atlantic Ocean to the Middle East, and well into the Eurasian Steppes. It is home to many peoples, such as the Celts, Germanic peoples, Slavs, the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, and the Greek states & Byzantium. Others include many smaller tribal peoples such as the Alans, Avars, and many other western tribal Steppes peoples. Many of the regions speak their own dialects, such as Celtic languages (broadly split into Brythonic (sometimes called Brittonic) & Goidelic), the Germanic (for example: Old Nord, Saxon, Frankish), Slavic variants, and the Romance languages (Latic, Greek, & the Iberian languages). These are Indo-European in origin. Others are spoken which are non Indo-European, such as the Turkic groups, Uralic groups, Sami (in Lapland), Finnic ( Finland & some surrounding regions), and Basque languages (the latter spoken in north east Iberia, south west Frankia).   The continent is generally has a temperate climate to Subarctic in climate & biodiversity. The hotter regions are found around the Mediterranean, and far colder up at the subarctic & Arctic Sea. Farming is common in some variety throughout most lands in some form or fashion. Hunting & gathering is done less in many lands though still takes place. Most of the time it involves fishing, gathering local herbs, spices, nuts, and other wild plants. Hunting is done as well, though nobility will have more rights to hunting certain animals than the commoners. Because of the environment, there is ready access to timber due to large forests, and also stone due to a number of mountain ranges, the largest & most 'notorious' is the Alps. Mining is common place, though most of these depend on region. Many places such as the mountain ranges makes it easier to mine valuable metal ores & gems.   Warfare is common place, as many powers still exist here. The Franks are probably the most powerful at present controlling large swathes of Europe. The Anglo-Saxons are a rising power, as well as the Papal States & Vienna, and also the Scandinavians. The Saxons are also a dominant force, but are being beaten back & slowly conquered by the Franks. The majority of Iberia is controlled still by the Umayyad Caliphate, and Byzantium controls most of the old Greek states.   Religion still plays a major part. Christianity is slowly growing, mainly within Frankia, Anglo-Saxon Britain, and the Papal States. Byzantium is Eastern Orthodox Christian primarily. Most others are pagan in belief and many still strongly believe in the old ways. Something is stifling Christianity to a degree at present. It is unknown precisely what is doing this, yet there seems to be numerous cults constantly vying in the background. These cults are not necessarily all evil, but most do seem to have something to hide. The old gods aren't completely dying out either, and in some cases vigorously fighting back too.

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