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Goblin Mushroom Town

Hidden deep in the Central Massif is an old goblin town, sitting beside an old overgrown meadow. Made up of different sized mushrooms, the goblins originally carved homes & businesses out of these. Unfortunately, the mushrooms turned against the goblins leading to the latter disappearing.






The town is one giant defensive position. The mushrooms are very tough made of fibrous material, and able to release microscopic spores that poison and/or cause hallicinagenic effects on all but fiends, udead and constructs. When the mushrooms sense the dead, they automatically send out mycellium filled with enzymes from underground to break down the body. If threatened with fire the mushrooms might use these mycellium to attack as well.


The goblins left behind stores containing weapons, armour, and treasures they had stolen over the years. So far no-one has ever found them.


Goblin tribes have inhabited the Central Massif for centures, and eventually they were pushed back by humans over this time until they took up out of the way places. One of these was a small flat region that had a meadow. Unfortunately, Meadow Sprites had lived there for some time before, and forced the goblins out. Having only one place left to go, they moved in to a nearbly mushroom forest nearby. The mushrooms lived for millennia with all the plants in the area, and their mycellium attached to many of the roots of plants there. The goblins started to get rid of the plants, starting small, and eventually the population getting larger & more ambitious. They ruined the other life in the region, and the mushrooms started to suffer.   Over a number of years, the mushrooms started to fight back. Releasing a number of different spores they drove some of the goblins insane with hallucinations, and killed others outright. The mushrooms quickly broke down those that died quickly, and the rest they tortured wih more hallucinations until they too died. Again the mushrooms broke down the corpses.    Now, after a few years have passed, the old town is being reabsorbed by the mushrooms and the outside forest is starting to move back in. If any goblins ever try moving into the area they are dealt with swiftly, especially since the Meadow Sprites have decided to help the mushrooms & forest. Many of the treasures & some of the goblin resources still exist there hidden in or below the mushrooms.   A goblin wizard called Dungburn is the only goblin allowed to stay or pass through, partly due to his ability to cast powerful destruction spells. He also uses it has a hideout, and will warn other goblins away from the area. He doesn't stay long or cause any untoward bother to the mushrooms.

Points of interest

One point of interest is the centre of the mushroom town is the central area of it. Here, the largest mushrooms live and are linked by mycellium strands throughout the whole area. There are 5 such mushrooms, one in the middle and four surrounding it. They seem to act as a control centre of sorts for the rest of the mushrooms. Here the goblins had their main habitations built into & under these mushrooms. There is a yellow crystal, rumoured to be made of amber, sitting in the middle here. Why, nobody knows.   What is known is a goblin king had a throne room here with treasures stolen from others sitting in this room. So far, no-one has been 100% about this as nobody has truly found this room.
"It's there, yes. I'm regularly through the old town. Wouldn't stay there too long though, and they might not want outsiders cutting the place up. The mushrooms that is."   Dungburn, talking to a group of Celts in the Central Massif.

781 AD

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All power to the mushrooms! No jokes aside: it's a shame that the goblins in your world unfortunately don't live in harmony with nature and were therefore punished by it or the mushrooms.

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Never trust the Goblins, mushrooms or any of the organisms of the Central Massif. Just don't trust the Central Massif, period.