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The de Rais Estate

The estate of de Rais has a large house, a guard house, a rundown church, and three farms on it. The farms are smallholdings, and they are the families & some militia are the only ones who regularly attend the small church. The de Rais family rarely do, and barely pay enough for it's upkeep. The guard house has capacity for 20 militia, but only about 15 at the most is based here, usually picked by the present estate owner Drogon de Rais.   The house itself is a two storey well built house, made of a mix of stone, wood, and wattle & daub. There is a kitchen, dining room, library, and meeting room on the ground floor, with servant quarters attached to the kitchen. The upper rooms are bedrooms ,and private chambers of the de Rais family. Also, there is a strongbox built into the wall beside the fire in the meeting room.    There is a set of tunnels and chambers below the house. These are accessed by moving a book called The Hidden Chamber in the library that opens a large panel with a stone spiral staircase running down into this area. From there, a network of tunnels and chambers are spread out with two chambers in particular, and one other opening. The latter is a hidden doorway to the Sienne, allowing comings & goings without interruption. The former two are linked chambers. The first chamber is a changing room where members of the de Rais & certain guests can change from regular clothing into cult apparel. The second is a chamber used for the worship of Seth & Apep, of which there is a statue of each. A lectern is in front of them and two seats. One in front of Seth & one in front of Apep. A high priest & priestess sits on these. There is a small altar in front of these, where sacrifices take place. A set of books stands in an alcove to the right side, and magical ingredients, and paraphernalia stands in an alcove to the left side. A small cell structure is built into the left side too, where the sacrifice is kept, usually a child under 12. The room holds 20 cultist comfortably. On one seat is a diamond carved with an Ankh, and the other has a simple ivory crown carved into the image of snakes.   There is only one way into these chambers from a tunnel that is attached to a chamber with a trap in it. Letters adorn the floor, each one carved into flagstones. Rats and spiders are found throughout the remaining tunnels and chambers.
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