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The Tomb of the Forgotten God

The Tomb of the Forgotten God belongs to the de Sade family and is filled with the ancestors of Wilhelm de Sade. They range from the remains of the very young, to the very old. The majority of the tomb is Romanesque & Germanic in design, made of marble, except that a part of the floor in the centre has a large granite block with brass filigree. Writing is apparent on it and can't be fully read. Any writings anywhere in the tomb is a mix of Frankish & Latin. A new family tomb sits close by to the north west on consecrated ground, while this is now unconsecrated ground. It falls just outside the grounds of Notre Dame Cathedral.   Stories abound that magic was used to help build the tomb, and the body of someone powerful was buried in it. This has never been proven. Spells & magical wards are also rumoured to be built into it too, including a Seal of Solomon symbol. Most people around the area seem to avoid it, claiming they have experienced strange haunting dreams of their bodies warping into beings, with tough leathery, metallic black skins, tubing┬ásprouting through skin shaped like intestines, patches of the skin appearing like armour, and other parts appearing as if the bones are close to the skin surface.   The church, and other local religions regularly hold services near it to stop any such dreams, but these only work for a while. Many clerics in the vicinity have observed that certain religious texts & oral traditions, state that if someone were to examine making of the tomb there is a chance of finding out more about the tomb, it's construction and the magic used to seal, preserve, and protect parts.

Purpose / Function

An old rundown tomb complex for the de Sade family.


No major alterations have took place in over 50 to 60 years.


Carved in marble, with a set of Romanesque features and Germanic iconography. It displays a mix of carved warriors, with spaces inside the tomb for bodies, all of which are filled. A statue of what looks like a Valkyrie standing above the body of a fallen warrior is in the centre of the tomb. All bodies interred in the walls are covered with marble. One tomb is in the floor in front of the Valkyrie statue. The cover of it is a mix of granite & brass filigree. It has carved into it (in Frankish & Latin): "This Tomb Has The Remains Of A God In All But Name, Yet Does Not Have The Power Of The One On High. When He Fell To Earth, His Power Waned, And The ******** He *** Inflicted **** Our Ancestors Will Never Be ******." Other carvings line the edges of this, and the tombs. Finely done they are hard to spot.


Wards & spells are rumoured to be carved throughout the tomb to protect the worst of the damage and to stop it truly falling apart, and others for protection.


The tomb has stood for over 50 years, maybe even as far back as 60 years. Every member of the de Sade family has been buried in this tomb up till this point no matter how they died, or what age they were. After a while it was filled and more space was needed. A family secret is that spells & wards were built in to prevent it from being damaged, and prevent anyone or anything unworthy getting in or out. The rest of the family refused to use it or expand it, and it is now starting to become damaged with time, as well as a bad reputation for disturbing behaviour around it.
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