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The Mort-vivant Necropolis

To the south-west of Parisius, about 7miles away lies the Mort-vivant Necropolis. Originally used for the internment of deceased Gaulish tribespeople, it was took over by the Romans during the burial of theirs. At the time, a curse was laid on it by a druid of the Gauls, who as a whole viewed it as desecration of their sacred dead. The Romans, who thought that it was the mumblings of primitive barbarian throwbacks ignored it, and spent four generations of interring their own dead in the region. This came to a head when the spirits & bodies of their kinspeople started to rise in the necropolis and tormented the region around it, all within about two miles every direction. After this, they refused to go anywhere near it, and found other places to bury the dead, especially since their own priests could not stop it happening.


The necropolis is situated on a slightly hilly plain surrounded by grassland for a few miles around it. The soil is somewhat sandy in texture, and some sandstone can be found around the region. Because of this, the tombs that are present has been built using this sandstone for decoration, headstones, and grave coverings.


The necropolis has little natural ecosystem left. Plants grow withered, and small. They don't seem to survive here well. Same with animals, with only scavengers & carrion feeders frequenting it.

Ecosystem Cycles

The seasons pass normally here, except it seems a few degrees colder than the surrounding plain, even in the height of summer. Many of the animals remain in and around it, using the graves as shade in summer, and protection from the snow & rain or winter.

Localized Phenomena

The temperature is always colder here, and there is always lingering shadows that seem to move of they're own free will. Lately the graves have been disturbed, not all, but enough to warrant some attention. The wind always seems to carry the sound of moaning and screams of terror. Sometimes the sandy soil seems to shift in or around a burial as if something is stirring below. People who live or camp nearby has the feeling they are constantly being watched, and are sure they see both movement & eerie glows or fires from inside. They speak that the graves are haunted by the spirits of the dead, and they don't rest well since the days of the Romans.

Fauna & Flora

Scavengers & some other animals such as crows, foxes, rats, snakes, mice, insects, ravens, and worms are the only animals that seem to inhabit it. Any of them that spend any time here seems to take on a dull pallid appearance, with less mass to their bodies.

Natural Resources

Absolutely no natural resources exist in the boundaries of the Necropolis.


Over 850 years age, the area was used as a place of interring the dead of the Gaulish Parisii tribe. Such a site was sacred as part of their belief was in the ancestors spirits. When the Romans came about his time, they forced the Parisii to convert to their ways where possible and started to bury their dead at the same site. The local druid took offense at this, and cursed that the dead now will fight for all eternity in the realm of the dead over ownership. The Romans decided to keep going, believing the druid to be an ignorant barbarian. This turned out to be a mistake as they found after four years of use, many of the graves were disturbed, and the sounds of warfare taking place in the necropolis. Damage had been done to the stonework and in a few instances, the remains of bodies found scattered about. After a while any guards that were posted here, were attacked by the spirits that inhabit the necropolis. Those that escaped reported that they had the feeling that something else resided here but couldn't work out what. Eventually it was abandoned and burials took place elsewhere.
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