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The Lair Below the Tower

Hidden below the Tower of Emon Kanis is the remains of red dragon's lair. It's bones are still in the main chamber and to the right of the chamber is the treasure hoard. There is a plinth in the middle of it, and on top is a black dragon scale. Attached to the scale is a large black pearl that cannot be removed. To one one side (left if viewed head on) is a large ruby, and by the same means, on the right is a large white pearl. These cannot be removed either.   To gain access, the tower floor must be broken through using a red, white, or black dragon's breath. This will cause the blocks on the floor to form wide stairs leading down to the bottom. At the bottom is the main entry point to the cave system, and they are wide enough for a dragon to walk down. There is a message stating the fact one of these can be used to open it, on the floor itself, and written in Draconic. It is slightly worn away by the tower being in use, and objects as well as feet constantly moving over it. On top of that, it can only be truly read correctly by one with Truesight.   Old legends tell of the entry & message in the city of Aachen, and in the local Dwarven holds. Not much of it is believed though, as no-one can truly fathom it, let alone properly read the text.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the lair was the resting place and storage area for an unnamed red dragon.


The red dragon has expanded the caves here into a place big enough to use for itself and it's treasures.


Birgin remembers the lair from the distant past, but does not recall much. Just that it was used by a red dragon, and the scale he would love to have.
"There's rumour that an old dragon's lair somewhere in or around Aachen. Been there for centuries. Supposedly built over and one way in, taking the breath of one or more specific types of dragon's breath to open. Also, heard there's a description on top wrote in a strange language that only the true can see. It has something else, the remains of the dragon itself, along with the treasure it collected. Don't know exactly where the chambers are either but some human builders discovered strange sink holes stinking of rotten eggs when they built the Christian church in Aachen. Same place has a wizard's tower close by, rumoured to have knowledge of the entrance. Can't say too much after that.     Except maybe one thing. Can't say much more than if there is someone killed on or in the old bones of the dragon, especially by burning or bloodshed, there is a risk the dragon will return in some manner. Heard it that if it involves burning and the corpse touches the bones in any way when it happens, then the dragon comes back fully restored. If touched by blood, then it rises in some other form. Hope nobody finds out though."   Dwarven shield guard, too much in his cups.
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