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Eschweiler lies about 15 kilometres (9 miles) to the east of Aachen, and a relatively large town. It is currently embroiled in the conflict of the Saxon War with the Saxons controlling the majority of it, and the Franks controlling a thin strip of the west of the town. Daily attacks are common on both sides, and rarely a day goes by without more troops from one side or the other pouring in. Fresh troops are arriving almost daily though into the Frankish side, and the Saxons are heavily dug in. Street fighting is the main means of warfare here, with a stalemate grinding on. Assassinations of the Frankish leaders happens irregularly, and usually every few days.   The Franks are constantly looking troops to fight at this front, and are willing to send in mercenaries. Also, with the amount of fallen, there is always scavenging rights to whoever can collect the most items. This, unfortunately, also apples to the civilian population who try to hide & avoid the worst of the conflict.


Walled defences and external ditches. Heavily damaged from war around it.

Industry & Trade

Blacksmiths, tanners and carpenters are common, as both are needed for the ongoing war.


Storage containing metal ores, and processed iron. Weapon & armour depots for the Saxons, a few in the west of the town for the Franks.

Guilds and Factions

A small assassin guild is present called the Knives of Woden. They carry out contract killings for the Saxon army.


Eschweiler was settled originally by Celts who worked the region for metal ores, and then took over by the Romans for the use of roads and villae rusticae. When Western Rome fell, the Saxons took over and now is embroiled in the Saxon War.
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