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Eschweiler Shenanigans

The players now have the chance to do some damage to the Saxons, only to find out their main forces are held back. And there's a Seeress present, trying to finally close a portal (tear in reality with glowing reddish light & fog pouring out).

Plot points/Scenes

At this time at the start, a lone Goliath in clothing reminiscing of Norsemen with elements of Berserker furs makes an appearance. He seems intent on what is happening, and has a chance to introduce himself and explain about any vision & why he is there.   The players are able to push down & into the ruined streets. Barrels & boxes are nearby, as well as a small locked chest, to one side and partially ruined buildings. If the players camp down here & hide, they can spot at least 20 frydmen nearby, 15 who are at least armed with spears & shields in the grounds of a ruined temple. The rest have bows. Two theigns are there to accompanied by a seeress, who is performing a religious ritual to close a portal. The portal has fog slowly pouring out, a red glow emanating from it, and looks like a tear in reality. Voices can be heard coming through, and seems to be in Infernal. They are shouting to at least close the portal, that the Saxons are in league with others anyway, and that the legion has been decimated. There may be a voice asking if one of their own has been seen or heard of.   It is up to the players to decide what to do. If they attack, they can fight on pretty much even ground. As long as one of the theigns and/or seeress is left alive, they will explain that the tear was opened from the other side & they thought it was linked to the recent star spawn attack. It doesn't have anything to do with it, and linked to some type of infernal dimension.   Also, if questioned further, they will find that the Saxons outnumber the Franks 3 to 1, and is as much a diversion as it is an attempt to take Eschweiler back. The main force is on the move between it and the town of Stolberg (their army there outnumbers the Franks 2 to 1). There's more at Eschweiler due to preventing shipments of slaves being stopped from being sent to other countries far to the south by boat in the north.


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