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Trip Through Saxony

The players are going to have to take a little trip through Saxony, either a part of the way or the majority of the way to an eastern encampment near Aachen. From there they will have to find some way to get to Aachen without being caught off guard.   Will they get there alright, or will they be recognised? Can they find out any information about the coming assault on Aachen?   They will have to be careful not to get caught by the Saxons, and there is the chance that they might find out about the enemy forces. Also, they might find out more about the undead that are to help the Saxons. If they're lucky they might get offered to help, or a chance to spy further / commit a bit of sabotage.  
Obviously, if they investigate, they might find the enemy cache of bullion (rumoured to be about worth 5000 gps or there about). There is also the risk that they might run into Franks that recognise Grimmaz and think he has turned. They have to pass through a few villages on the way there.   They will eventually link up with a camp where the Saxons are seen as been sorrowful after destroying a sacred grove populated by pixies & sprites. They were forced to kill them all, burn the grove as their allies were unable to operate in the area with it still there, and massacre the pixies & sprites. They also have had to carry out all the pixie bodies and hand them over. As far as anyone is aware there still is one or two of them still alive, and there is a good chance the PCs might encounter them.
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