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The Tower Tavern

The Tower Tavern is a tavern in the closest market square to both the Tower of Emon Kanis & the Aachen Cathedral. It serves all sorts in the form of shoppers, traders & merchants, city guard & military personnel, and any number of others. Many adventurers & mercenaries make their way through its doors too, especially with the inn next door which is owned by the same family.

Purpose / Function

The Tower Tavern serves food and drink of all sorts from the regulars to weary travellers. It has links to the local Tower of Emon Kanis and regularly serves as a hangout for the tower guard & their families when not on duty. Also, with it's location at a major market square in the city of Aachen, it is frequented from those who are out doing errands, and the local traders too.


Little has been changed since it was built with the odd part repaired or replaced whenever needed to keep everything running smoothly.


Built initially by the Saxon family who owns it, it is built on an older site of a tavern when it was burned down accidentally by a student mage who was drunk at the time. It follows regular Germanic building patterns, and doesn't look out of place too much.


Built by Bradwin Eubank, in 731 originally it sits on a site that was burned down by a student mage who got drunk. The story goes that the student got into a barfight, and accidentally lashed out with fireball catching wooden parts of the bar with the spell. Everything went up in flames, including many of the patrons, and the family who owned it.   When the Eubank family moved into the city of Aachen from Eschweiler in 729, they purchased the freehold, and built the tavern & inn where the old tavern stood. Bradwin named it after the tower, and hung an old beam from part of the ceiling as a reminder to patrons to be careful of fighting in the bar.   As the years passed Bradwin and his wife called Hayley, had three sons. Two moved away over the years but the middle son called Swidhelm, has took over after his parents passed away in the 780s, and runs everything up till the present day.


Many stop in to eat & drink in the tavern on their travels through the market square just to say that they have been in.
Drinks that are available: (ranges from poor quality to high quality)
  • Ales
  • Lagers
  • Mead
  • White Wine
  • Red Wine
Food that is available:
  • Fresh Bread
  • Stews: boar, goat, pig, chicken, mutton, lamb
  • Pies: boar, goat, chicken, mutton, lamb
  • Roasts (usually chicken, lamb, and/or mutton)
  • Fresh Vegetables.
A number of characters fill the tavern at different times. They are as follows:
  • Swidhelm Eubank. Owner / bar man, and general dogsbody. Knows a little bit of everything, and keeps the tavern running. Friendly, hairy, with a sharp tongue, and good at tossing people out.
  • Andrea Crews. Bar maid, young, feisty and constantly happy. She doesn't tolerate rude & crude behaviour though, and quickly hit back if annoyed.
  • Eadwacer Gymi. The cook for the tavern. He is a Dwarf and knows a good deal of information, including the best drinks to have.
  • Hidda Millman. A High Elf baker who owns a stall & bakery in the market square. Makes some of the finest breads around the city & beyond. Quite well-off, a bit pedantic, and knows plenty of the locals as well as the merchants / traders.
Founding Date
731 AD
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location


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