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The Menhir of the Moon

Near the east of Eschweiler in Old Saxony is a single remaining menhir. It's origins unknown, it is a part of local tradition, and any creature can pray to any god at it. It has carvings of stars on it's surface, and also the moon at different times of the lunar month.

Purpose / Function

There is no other reason for the menhir to exist except as a place of worship. To what religion or what religious practice? None can say, and around 100 feet in every direction from it is seeped in magic. It seems to be a focal point for this as much as for old religious observances.


Over the years parts of the menhir has been weathered away. A few chips have been made with time, and it looks as if carvings have been made on it many many years ago. What looks like Proto-Germanic, and Proto-Elvish / Dwarvish has been carved into it, as well as depictions of star constellations & the phases of the moon placed around it at regular intervals. Anyone can try to read the primitive language on it, and the best guess is that when it is walked round 28 times from the new moon to full moon something will open. Exactly what nobody knows, though the menhir appears smoother between the two, and less plant life is at it's base.


The menhir has a rough stretched egg like shape, and obviously placed standing this way. The representations carved in it seems to be Proto-Germanic in origin.


Not much is known about the menhir. Anybody who lives in the area knows about it, and that certain individuals that pass through Eschweiler, or the surrounding settlements travel to it never to be seen or heard from again. They believe some type of 'gateway' opens there, and where it leads too is unknown. Because of this, and the magic levels around it, puts many off from getting close.   Stories exist of in earlier times of two strange characters that appeared at different times, and one that seemed to be from Anglo-Saxon Britain. The first was a being with a broad tall body, with two tusks & large ears appearing. It spoke in a strange dialect, hung around for about an hour and vanished again. The conversation is meant to have been recorded and hidden in the Tower of Emon Kanis for safekeeping. The The second had a body made of hardened wood & brass, speaking in a strange dialect before being took away to the Tower of Emon Kanis again. Whatever happened to it after this is unknown. Both seem to have happened well over two to three centuries ago.   The Anglo-Saxon incident happened a few years ago, and when communicated with, he had (again) spoken to Emon Kanis. What locals were told was he had been punished by Cornish Druids at Stonehenge and they had sent him through a portal there. He had passed through a strange multicoloured swirling tunnel where strange disc shaped creatures had swam around him. They offered to let him out far to the north of Stonehenge where the painted people of Alba lived, or where the Giants & Trolls lived battling against Human & Dwarven warriors. Their final offer was that of releasing him in a desert kingdom in the ruins of an ancient city where the gods had the heads of animals, and great carvings where writ on sandstone. Each he turned down, preferring to see his peoples old country, and was released in Old Saxony, as he was only a 3rd generation Anglo-Saxon. He was chased out a glowing hole in the middle of the night a full lunar month after the Druids had done their ritual punishment on him for blasphemy against the Old Ways.


Many 'travellers' seem to come, to visit it, and with only a few ever return.
"There's an old menhir out there to the east. We have thought that it is one of a number of magical places around these parts, just like this tower we are in. Exactly what that menhir represents, we still are not sure. Seems the magic is strong there indeed, and able to open a portal. I have interviews recorded on vellum somewhere of about three different beings that came through. One an Anglo-Saxon, the other two, not from anywhere I know off. I am still trying to decipher them myself, even with using my own magic to read their written language. One still lives somewhere close by as well, hidden from view, acting as a vigilante. The other travelled back to his own world.   A truly dangerous path that portal, that's what I did find out. Travelled it twice. One where I was transported to a world for a short time where a city that was partially destroyed & overrun. If memory serves it was on a world called Fearun, or something to that effect. Another it was to a world turned desert by uncontrolled magic leeching nearly all life. I was tempted to stay both times, though duty is more important.    Coming back was the hardest in both cases. Whatever life is there in that portal wants to either keep you there or throw you into some other place, likely to see what you would do. I can almost bet those creatures are there to protect it, and feed too. Feed on what I think is a more pertinent question, and more likely spiritual that physical matter were their main source of sustenance."   Emon Kanis, at the Conclave of Nobles of the Magic Arts.
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