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Session 22: Eschweiler Antics Report

General Summary

Agelo Kolae-Gigo Has travelled down from Norway, and arrived in Old Saxony. Making an uneventful trip as far as Eschweiler, he sees there has been recent conflict in the town. Sneaking up as best he can, he finds a group of warriors inside the palisade & northern corner of the Saxon side. Made up of the band led by Grimmaz, he gets a brief introduction to the group. He also sees a wizard disappear into a dimension door, and a Tiefling looking south. From there he is introduced to Floki Bigbeard, both recognizing each other as being involved with the berserker cults in Norway.   After this Agelo & Floki go with the Tiefling on down a street or two after being told that there is a religious site here. They make their way down and peer through a ruined building to see a toppled down oak tree, a destroyed menhir with the majority of it shattered, and one sliver still standing. At the same point is a 7 to 8 ft tall tear or rent in reality. 20 odd Saxon Frydmen are facing it with spears pointed & shields up. Two thegns are standing out front a bit flanking what appears to be a Seeress. She is peaking in some language.   At this point, Durge makes a break for it and jumps through the rent. It closes and a booming laugh is heard. The Saxons are looking round trying to work out what the hell happened.   Eventually one Thegn & 10 of the Frydmen walk off south, and the others start to head north to see what is going on, and where Durge came from. Waiting in the wings so to speak is Agelo & Floki waiting to pounce.   When the first two come through the opening the heroes attack, quickly killing them. They move on in, and eventually kill six of the others. All the while, the Frydmen just cannot get a hit in, while getting pulverised by Agelo, and one horrific hit by Floki (who near loses his axe, and half a leg a couple of times).   The two remaining Frydmen go to run but are stopped by the Thegn and they try to form a shieldwall. Before they are killed, the Seeress intervenes, sending the three away. She says that she is only known as the Seeress, and needs to speak who is leading the Franks here. She is there to stop other forces taking advantage of the Saxons during the war.   So ends the present chapter, until the Agelo & Floki, with the Seeress, links up with the rest of the team.

Rewards Granted

1800 XP.

Character(s) interacted with

Floki Bigbeard, Grimmaz, Mikael, the Burgeaters, Jocki, Durge, the Seeress.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Grimmaz Fyrwin
Neutral Human ()
Fighter 14
144 / 144 HP
Report Date
19 May 2022
Primary Location
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