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Scandinavia is primarily the landmass north of and surrounding the Baltic Sea, with two parts of it having a border with the Atlantic. These two countries are Norway & Demark. Along with Sweden, they make up the core of Scandinavia, and the Swedes have small colonies on the coast of Finland taking in it to a degree.


The lands of Scandinavian are rugged with mountains and / or cliffs, and forests. They take in Denmark which doesn't have so much in the way of mountains but control many islands in the Baltic. Snow is common, and fjords carved out during the last Ice Age. They have many rivers, and harsh winters that freeze over the land and swelling these rivers when the snow melts. Bogs / swamps are found as well as valleys & some grasslands that animals can graze.


The lands here breed tough animals & plants. Sheep and goats, and the odd boar, as well as deer (especially reindeer) are common, able to survive on lichen, and grasses depending on the time of year. Predators such as cave bears / brown bears, polar bears (in the very north), wolverines, wolves , and lynx prey on these creatures. Many birds of different types such as crows, ravens, and eagles can be found.¬†Fir trees are common, along with ash, and oak trees. Hardy meadow flowers bloom in the spring & summer along with grasses. Fish are abundant, such as trout, salmon, and eels.   A number of undesirable creatures exist in these lands. Trolls and Hill, Frost & Fire Giants are common with the odd. Storm Giants & Cloud Giants are present in lower numbers. Red & White dragons are rare but not unheard off. In many regions of these lands, the Dwarves & Elves are common sights, living in their own settlements and alongside humans in theirs.

Ecosystem Cycles

The countries are known to have longer winters than most, and in the very far north there are months where the sun isn't seen, followed by it barely rising at all. The winters are bitterly cold, and brutal snowstorms are common.


Scandinavia is split. Many major tribes have lived in the region for exceptionally long times. To the east the Finns were there longer along with the Sami to the north, long enough that they speak non-Indo-European languages distinct from the Scandinavians. The Scandinavians entered the regions as part of the Germanic Indo-European peoples, and since split into more minor tribes that compete with each other. There is very little distinction between the tribes & clans. Over the course of the past few centuries, minor variants in beliefs & outlooks have appeared along with religious views & language, but each Scandinavian is able to understand & interact easily in any other part of this overall region.   Family, clan, and tribe are more important. If a overall king takes over large swathes of Scandinavia, these groups will either be for or against, yet carry on as normal unless provoked. After all, a harsh place to live breeds hardy peoples.
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