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The Forktongue Fort

The Forktongue Fort sits near the Scandes Mountains in Norway. It is named after Adolf Forktongue, and has been in operation for over a century after being built by a mix of local Hill Dwarves & Humans as a defensive fort against the creatures coming out of the mountains.


The majority of the populous is split evenly between Dwarves & Humans, of which 80 of them are fighters. About 20 Berserkers are also present, and the rest are clerics. About 5 to 10 Goliaths are present too having a mix of warrior & cleric classes. No children are present, and is completely self sufficient with the group has a mix of secondary skills, such as farmers, carpenters, smiths, and healers.


Run by a mix of high ranking clerics, fighters, and berserkers, usually about three (one of each normally) at any time. One is usually a relation of Adolf Forktongue.


A stout palisade & earth works, with a slight ditch surrounds the fort, and all the people are capable of fighting, with access to weapons & armour.


As warriors they are geared for war, and help keep the Trolls, Jotans, and Wyrms, that regularly travel down for the mountains. They are linked to the town to the west, where Adolf Forktongue was born & grew up.


The fort has a set of underground storage rooms, mainly of foodstuffs, weapons & armour, ingots, some gold & plenty of silver.

Guilds and Factions

A warrior culture exists in Forktongue Fort. There is a core of berserkers, wolf warriors, and boar warriors, that the rest aspire to.


Originally built, at least the core of the fort, in 698 AD, to defend of a town to the west. It primarily had groups of local warriors present, at the time, and when Adolf Forktongue took over before he was killed by Birgin the Winter Storm, he upgraded it, and attracted berserker cults in to supplement their warriors.   It was attacked once by hill giants chasing a group of hill dwarves in 735 AD resulting in damage and a slight reduction in use during this time. This led to the introduction of the Hill dwarves sending some warriors here to help man it, and eventually Adolf Forktongue to see about upgrading it, as well as giving his name to it. He had used it to recruit & train some of his men to raid Birgin's lair for treasure. This led Birgin to track down where he was and kill the members as well as Adolf by using his breath attack. None of his treasure was there and now he hunts the rest.
"I trained there as a berserker, in their battle tactics, and their rites. Helped that Agelo was there. She was a Goliath. Don't know what happened to her, as she travels a bit, and heard she was down south somewhere.   Just hope that Birgin doesn't awake too, as he'll come here first. We fought him off once before, and possibly do it again. Well, if he leaves us alone at least we can keep dealing with the jotan & trolls. Hunt a few down, and stick the skulls on the palisades, scare a few off from the region."   Angus Bigbeard, Dwarven berserker at Forktongue's fort and brother of Floki Bigbeard.
Founding Date
698 AD
Outpost / Base
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