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Session 52: Getting to the island Report

General Summary

The heroes have lunch and start to make their way to the north. They have a cart with supplies and two unmarked militia with them to drive the cart.   On the way, they stop at a small hamlet mainly of farmers for the night. Sitting in the tavern they are given the barn next door to stay in, opposite an oak tree dedicated to Woden. They have food and then go & sleep. Getting up in the morning they are told that they should only be on the road around another couple of days maximum. They leave and went in the area skirting both Denmark & Old Saxony encountering nobody on the way there.   Arriving in Copenhagen, they see it is a busy city and plenty of trade going on, as well as many different Norse tribal groups. Most are armed with axes & shields. When not far in they see a group of Norse moving towards them. Led by a man about 6ft tall wearing a decorated helmet carrying a sword on his belt, an over-the-shoulder shield and a Dane Axe coming towards them. They have a stylised dog or Wolf design on their shields. The leader hails them, asking if they are the group Emon Kanis sent. Grimmaz introduces himself and the leader introduces himself as Jarl Magnus Ulfsson. He welcomes them, saying that he has a ship ready, sacrifices, and is now out of debt to Emon Kanis. They are took to the ship and are surrounded by the men to help them get to it in a timely manner. Their gear is stowed, and Magnus takes a bit of an interest in Anselma & Reolus, never having encountered either of their type about. Anselma is a tad nervous getting on the ship.   Shortly after getting on, they set sail out of port, and the men take over the oars helping to avoid shallower waters which for most is packed with ice. After a brief stopover at Gothenburg to let some of the men off, they make good time around the bottom of Sweden and make it to the spot in the Baltic Sea where they prepare to get to Baltia. Magnus gets nine criminals who have been 'forgiven' by the gods to be thrown overboard from below deck. Each is tied with a rock, and knocked unconscious by a man each. All are pushed overboard.  
At this time, Reolus asks from a fishing line and starts to try fishing as this may take some time. A Skald on board is present and tells the story that Thor was fishing one time, and caught something big. He couldn't land it for ages and nearly took overboard. Using all his strength, he hauled up his catch that turned out to be J√∂rmungandr. Both fought a bit and Thor bested J√∂rmungandr throwing the serpent overboard. Since that day, the world serpent has had it in for Thor, and both will kill each other during the end of days.   Shortly after, a fog rises in a circle around the ship and a patch of sea. Baltia rises and they can see jagged peaks of black stone with streaks of amber in it. A few beaches seem to stud the edges. The ship is driven partially onto the beach to allow them to land. Hopping off, Grimmaz goes for a quick inspection seeing a cave, and examining the stone. There is indeed amber running through the rock. An uneasy air sits over the island and the feeling someone or thing is watching. They're warned the island could disappear at any time, and Anselma asks if they should have a boat handy. Magnus laughs and says that his boat is the only one they need.   They make their way towards & into the cavern dropping down a few shallow drops until reaching a cave where an ancient stone throne is placed, and a person is standing watching them in the shadow. A glow is throughout the caverns coming from the amber. When Grimmaz requests a torch, the person steps forward looking like an ancient undead Northman. He is the guardian. They are their for the Mistletoe's Blood Clot so he shows them into a cave behind the throne filled with massive amounts of amber. At the far end in a small clump about the size of a human torso is the remaining Mistletoe's Blood Clot. He offers them no more than two fist sized pieces, explaining a fingernail amount also washes up on Anglesey & found every year in Tara in Hibernia.
Grimmaz smashes of two chunks, and Anselma offers her old dress to wrap them up in. They are warned that mixing it or the amber with other substances such as Leviathan's Flesh can kill a god, or wipe out all life on a planet. The amber itself was used to create a mythic weapon called the Anatheme, and Pandora's Box. At the same time, it is rumoured to have been used to create another 'box' called the Anathema's Casket. Grimmaz asks about the Black Pyramid, and is told it is ancient evil existing before the dawn of time. Reolus asks about killing vampires and is told that the Guardian doesn't know. Anselma asks about her husband Magnar, and is told that he came injured to Baltia. Something was off with the injury, and made his way to Uppsala. Here the team are able to leave, making their way back to the longship, putting their equipment back on. When Baltia sinks, and the fog lifts, there is enough time to set sail. The team decides to go to Uppsala, after Anselma wants to travel there for her husband. They can get the ship as far as the east coast of Sweden, camp there for the night and travel inwards. It would be quicker, and the majority of crew will go with them. Camping overnight just off the coast, they wake up, and bring the ship closer to land. Hopping onto the thicker ice at the coast, they make their way through a small coastal village and set off. They are asked if they are there to help protect Uppsala. Most say yes. Making their way through, and out to the west, going over a hill ?Magnus stops followed by Reolus and the rest. The smelling of burnt wood hangs in the air. The Norse peel off into the forest with the rest following. Coming across a a clearing, a camp had been set up for an overnight stay by a group of people. All are dead and the injuries caused along with arrows point to undead. The adults remains are missing, and the rest are missing. Anselma finds the trail hidden by a a thin layer of snow. Following it, she comes across another clearing to the north, and near falls over a sealed pot with holes in it. The design is unknown to her and the rest. They notice a necromancer in the clearing & Grimmaz charges in. Reolus & Kulug follows, with Anselma climbing a tree drawing her long bow. Grimmaz hits hard, along with Anselma hitting along with Reolus. The Necromancer chillingly touches Grimmaz for some damage, who eventually finishes him off with the help of the rest. At the same time, the Necromancer throws some grave dust on to two bodies beside him. These rise and attack. Kulug hacks one pretty badly with Grimmaz doing damage. At the same, Reolus finishes one off too.

Rewards Granted

6,800 XP
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Grimmaz Fyrwin
Neutral Human ()
Fighter 14
144 / 144 HP
Report Date
30 Jun 2023
Primary Location


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