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The Baltia Guardian

Long ago when the island of Baltia had a guardian of some unnamed guardian, an early Nordic raiding party made its way to seize some of the Amber. One of the party slew the guardian and was cursed forevermore by Dark Gods who defend the island. He now stands guard over the Amber allowing those deemed worthy to take some for use in the wars of faith that rage through the Material Plane.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Not much is known about the backstory of the Guardian. All that can be said is a band of early Norse tried to raid the island of Baltia after finding it by accident. They set about making landfall and making off with as much of the amber that they could get. Unfortunately they didn't realise the island had a guardian and awoke it upon entering the cave. What many scholars think was it was some type of dragon or dragon-like creature from old Eddas from the period. In these there is a mention of a Crystal Wyrm being awoke. This led to a slaughter of all but one Norseman. The Norseman and the Wyrm battled it out on the beach and up to the top of the island's peak, both taking horrendous injuries. At the end he slew the Wyrm and collapsed exhausted & bleeding out.   How long he lay there no-one knew, but after a while a mist rolled in and voices too. These offered him life, a life of immortality where he would never tired nor want for food or drink. Seizing the chance to keep living, he accepted. With the deal done, then he realized the catch. Trapped for eternity on the island as its new guardian and only able to enter the afterlife when slain & replaced in turn by another, he protects it now until that day.   He has slain many people who have found their way to Baltia and let a few go who were more curious about the island than wanting to exploit it. This adds to the myth, and allows for those who are able to hear that it is still there, and still protected from the worlds at large.

Undead of unknown origin Found only on Baltia Powerful fighter

Character Location
Current Location
Ratty and long
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Like old flaking leather
5ft 10 inches
150 lb
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