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Getting ready to leave

The following day, the group finds little to do initially.

Plot points/Scenes

The group gets a bit of relaxation, unless they encounter a few de Rais family members. At the same time they can explore the city a bit and take in the sights. When they set out, there is a risk of tackling a few Saxon soldiers. They also have the chance to start learning other skills or starting other ventures in this time.   When they leave & make it to Copenhagen, they will find a ship willing to take them. A Jarl Magnus Ulfsson will be happy to take them and supply 9 slaves for the sacrifice. This will cost 5 gold altogether. His only condition is that they will have to go via Gothenburg so he can leave household troops off. They are due to travel to Uppsala, where they are suffering raids by an Undead horde sent by the Necrocult, looking to weaken the Nordic religion with it's destruction.   Jarl Ulfsson will mention that Magnar (Anselma's husband) was sighted and is believed to have travelled as far as Uppsala after failing to reach the island. Something about him seeking guidance from the priests there, and that he had a run in with some creature while on the boat. The creature came out of the sea at night, and they think was a Draugr from a previously drowned ship.   Also, on the road there may be an attempt to kidnap Cyrielle.   If they go for the island of Baltia and is successful, they can hopefully persuade the Guardian to let them get some of the Mistletoe Blood Clot, and examine some of the Amber. If not, he will likely bar them, or try to kill them. The Guardian will also likely mention that small traces of Mistletoe Blood Clot can be found in Tara in Hibernia, about he size of a thumb nail a year, and washed up on the beaches of Anglesey too. And he may mention that the Amber is sometimes woven into dangerous mythic items that can doom whole worlds, such as the Anatheme (a mythic sword that if a blood ritual is done over it and a name spoken it will obliterate said person), and a box named Pandora's Box or Anathema's Casket depending on the world it's encountered.   He may be persuaded that if the latter is mixed with something like Leviathan's Flesh, it effectively creates a doomsday substance obliteration all life on a world including the spirits of all those on it. Some of the Blood Clot can be mixed with a substance like Leviathan's Flesh to create an unstable substance that will destroy the very soul of a god if enough is made, though no-one has survived for a few minutes to be able to find out.
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Getting underway for a major plot point.
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