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Mistress Wormeye

Mistress Wormeye

Mistress Wormeye is a Star Spawn Seer currently wandering around central Europe setting up cults to Yog-Sogoth, and releasing Star Spawn into out of the way places in or around settlements. She takes great delight in her dues, and will do anything for the Star Gods, especially Yog-Sogoth.   She appears youthful, yet has what appears to be underlying wrinkles, and hair that appears black, yet with silver grey streaks. A pair of blue eyes appear to glow slightly of the same colour when in dim light or darkness. Her clothes seem to be purplish deep blue. She carries a strange staff made of alien material that she will use to defend herself.

Strange Seer with a slight blue glow in eyes Appears young with some vestigial elderly traits Carries a strange staff

Character Location
"We saw her come in on the road through the swamp. Not hat big a road but well used. Could see there was something slightly off about her. Looked young, but something appeared old about her at the same time. A slight blue glow was in her eyes too.   Well, she went at ate after going round the market stalls selling food. Then she started speaking in a strange tongue, and we felt a grumbling coming from the ground below us. Disappeared after she finished, and then a few hours later some of the animals disappeared. Nothing left except some blood and bits & pieces of them scattered around.   A couple of townsfolk disappeared next, and a few more started to take on the same complexion & looks. Would disappear into the swamp, those lot every once in a while at night, and we would hear the same grumbling. Next thing we knew there were a few more disappearances after that. The rest of us cleared out quickly believing we were cursed. Came into Saltsburg, and the ones who had changed stayed behind. At least for a while. A number of them came a few weeks later, with the odd one missing. So far little has happened except a higher disappearance than normal of mine workers in the salt mines. The local hierarchy is now involved trying to find out about strange shadows that stalked the missing miners."   Wilhelm Dortmund, carpenter.
Neutral Evil
Current Location
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
110 lb


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