Star God Cults & Gods - A Few Notes

The Star God Cult is made up of Great Old One cultists, who primarily worship Tsathoggua, Cthulhu, Hastur, Dagon & Hydra, Shub-Niggurath, Yog-Sogoth, Yibb-Tstl, Azathoth, Nyarlathotep, and a number of lesser gods. They prefer to worship in underground places, especially in caverns which they will modify to their own needs. They use a soapstone or moonstone carving of a wavy pentagram with an eye at the centre, and usually have a small hidden hollow in below it concealing a necklace with an eye pendant dangling from it. This is worn by sacrifices to the Great Old Ones. Each cultist will in general stay quiet when in cult garb and outside their hidden temples. They dress in hooded cloaks / long coats, and jerkins, usually coloured in a drab colours. There is an eye and/or pentagram-style design on their left breast of the jerkins or as a piece of jewellery, with leaders having personalised versions on it.   They are one of a number of splinter groups forming a loose network of cults to the Great Old Ones. They can attend other hidden temples if they want, though many worship specific deities or a single one. Most are found in coastal, mountainous and/or desolate regions.   The cult as a whole is at war with other religions, and cults, especially the Abrahamic religions and the cults of devil / demon worshippers & the cults of the Gods of Chaos & Chance. This has never led to all-out war as they just don't have the numbers to carry this out.   Many of the cultists end up with strange mutations, including having tentacles sprout from their mouths, or taking on aspects of fish or goats. Strange smells & sounds and otherworldly colours are also associated with them. In the majority of cases the cultists are human, though an exceptionally small minority are of different humanoid descent.   A number of texts are related to the cults, especially a notorious tome named the Necronomicon (aka Book of the Dead or Kitab al-Azif, penned by Abdul Alhazred). Others include The King In Yellow play / poem, De Vermis Mysteriis, the Book Of Eibon, and Unasussprechlichen Kulten to name a few. Others are also rumoured to exist, usually found in other countries.   The cults seem to exist worldwide and usually with vastly different traditions, with outsiders and others being seen as unwelcome if not as sacrifices to the gods. Vast ancient cities, tombs and haunted parts of jungles, deserts, swamps and the seas being of note to the cults too. In some regions, the cults may go by other name.   The Great Old Ones came to Earth from beyond the Solar System when it was young, and a few are found in other parts of the Solar System. They exist beyond normal mortal senses, and space & time, are immortal and bizarrely shaped. They seem to be made out of some type of primordial matter that no-one can work out what it is. Each is as terrifying and inhuman as to drive mortals insane if they encounter one. There is talk of two existing of the coast of a yet unnamed country to the west, and another one is reported to live dead but dreaming in a lunatic city in under a yet unexplored ocean. This city has been named R'leyha.   From what many theorists can gather the spawn are as old as their masters, and have been round for as long as the multiverse has been around. It is estimated that they are billions of years old and are the oldest forms of life in any plane. Since the multiverse was in it's infancy these beings did not have the chance to evolve naturally, and likely the subconscious & conscious aspects of the multiverse at that time. When other life evolved over time these were forgotten and discarded, but always there in a primal state ready to take over what they believe is theirs, the multiverse as a whole.   In some ways these deities lurk in the Far Realms too, at least some part of them. Able to tap into the Far Realms allows them draw on vast primordial power from across the Multiverse. Each uses it to twist reality in any number of bizarre unfathomable ways. So much so, a mortal mind finds it hard to comprehend all but the most basic principles of it. They have 'children' so to speak, with many either warped forms of Material Plane creatures imbued with this power, weaker Far Realm species they have dominated, or created from this energy to better carry out the necessary domination the Material Plane. To kill a Star God is nigh improbable, as even if the strange organic tissue that make them up is destroyed, their spirit is released back into the Far Realm. If a cult, and/or some other type of anchor exists in the Material Plane, it will come back. How long this takes is another matter. Nobody truly knows, just that by doing so, is likely to stave off any nefarious scheme it is working on for a random amount of time.   Any of the other denizens of the Far Realms avoid such Gods. The one thing both the Beholders and the Mindflayers are terrified off, is encountering such beings. In the odd instance that such creatures are encountered by a Star God, it leads to the domination of the Beholder or Mindflayers, or their complete destruction. Given how dangerous these two races are to begin with, one dominated and backed by a Star God is all the more terrifying. Usually left to their own devices for long periods of time, they will carry out their own agendas until called upon to carry out a specific task. This regularly involves back up or creating new cults, summoning and leading the Star God's children in battle, subjugating whole worlds, or something similar. Out of the two, Star Gods prefer one over the other in certain circumstances. Beholders make for good shock troops in raids and in war. The Mindflayers are preferred for subjugating large populations, and as fodder in mass battles.   Some occultists have noted that the Star Gods seem to be related to both the Aboleths and the Krakens of myth. It seems that both have some primordial connection to these gods, and will openly bow to them when one is present. They refuse to work with each other, but make up for it in many other ways. Both species are domineering, and with the Aboleths having a love of collecting & using spells it gives an extra edge to a cult if one is present. The Kraken is an excellent destroyer organism, and used extensively to build up armies hidden away below the oceans, along with protecting sites buried below these same oceans. Both are given much leeway, allowing to pursue their own agendas as long as they know who they serve in the long run, and don't interfere in their master's plans.   One thing has been noticed as well by the same occultists, is the Star Gods relationship to dragons. Both seem to be antagonistic at best, and outright hated at worse. Even the chromatic dragons will happily seek out a Star God powerbase, and look to destroy it. According to some ancient myths near long forgotten, such dragons have even teamed up with metallic and gem dragons, as well as mortals with differing outlooks to achieve this. Some speculate this comes down to the parentage of the dragons being some of the earliest living deities in any celestial lineage, and they foresaw the destruction wrought by the Star Gods as anathema to the ambitions & growth of their children.


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