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Sabotage at Eschbach

The heroes find that some of the works at Eschbach has been sabotaged. They have to hunt down and/or prevent any more damage.

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The heroes hear that there is sabotage being carried out by person or persons unknown during the building of the new areas of Eschbach.   What they discover is that a small group of Saxons have infiltrated the settlement as labourers under the control of Bernard Athelbrooke, and have been damaging buildings & supplies. They also have built hidden shafts that need back filled under many important buildings.   There is 1d6+2 such saboteurs in the group and will admit to what they have done when threated with torture & death. They also say that Athelbrooke is due to meet with them soon to keep him updated and where to strike.   There is a 25% 1d100 risk the Saxons will accidentally, or even deliberately, call back the menhir in the forest to the southeast.
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