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Hags are repulsive humanoids, all of which are female, and extremely long-lived (some would hazard a guess that they are immortal, barring accidents & violence). Each are extremely ugly, and disgusting beings, in sight, sound, looks, and smell. There are roughly six branches of these creatures with the primary (and most common) being the green hags. The others are found living in more harsher conditions so are not as commonly encountered. They are of Fey descent, and Baba Yaga is revered as the first born, or 'mother' of the hags. Tales say that there is a city in a pocket dimension called Hag's End that most can travel to and from given the time and expertise to open a gate or portal to.   As a species they are one of the oldest Fey in existence and act as a mirror to the Elves & the Faerie Folk of the Feywild. Baba Yaga was born to unknown beings in the Unseelie Court, and rumoured to have been touched by Tiamat giving many of the green hags the ability to speak Draconic. Over the millennia others were born with the ability to speak other languages after certain types were touched by the magic of other warring entities. Demons & devils, and giants, have all meddled with the lineage of Baba Yaga, rumoured to breed spellcasters to use as allies in times of war. Baba Yaga doesn't care, as long as her children are strong and put her, and their sisters, above all other concerns.   They are all as corrupted spiritually as well as physically, and their countless scheming against all others eventually forced them out of the Feywild and led to the founding of Hag's End. There they can practise whatever they desire. Cannibalism, and the summoning & pacts with demons, devils, evil dragons, and even lesser dark deities are all part of life for them. They also help and aid mortals, but always at a price that causes torment down the line for the mortal. A common one is to give a childless couple a baby, only for it to turn into a hag at 13. This child will be driven off, or disappears to find it real mother, the hag, who will devour the child, and 'birth' it as part of the process of changing the child into another hag. This allows them to propagate, and fulfil the usual selfish nature of the species having another do their 'dirty work' of rearing the child up till a certain age. Also each hag has a tendency of being powerful spellcasters, and always looking for more & more magic as they get older, including magic items. These both will be twisted to suit the hag in the long rum.   Many hag lairs are a mess to others species but the hag will know where everything is, and what purpose it fulfils. When someone comes to make a bargain with a hag, or seeking knowledge, it will try to write something into it to not just cause the person misery later but may try to get them to give something precious in return. This can range from personal information, to family, to a an heirloom, the list is endless.   Hags are generally solitary, though sometimes will form a coven of three. These can be any type of hag, and if two start arguing the third will step in and choose a side allowing them to continue. Any more and absolute chaos breaks out. There are three basic tiers to hag society. At the bottom is the standard hags, at the middle is the Aunties who are experienced and powerful individuals in their own right, and at the top the Grandmothers or Grannies. They are the most powerful and eldest of their kinds, and have built up magical experience, knowledge, and secrets that very few can surpass. Because of the ranks and the solitary nature, no hag will cross another hag's domain without getting permission from the latter to do so, and the former will bring gifts & knowledge to this hag. Also, they will be civil & pleasant to each other, as they know that it could be used against them if they don't.   Every once in a while, usually about winter-time, and either the time of Samhain in the Celtic calendar or the winter solstice many will gather together to supply each other with information. This will be in the form or secrets, knowledge, new feeding grounds, and/or spells. This can be done in passing if travelling over another's lands if need be, or if they are in Hag's End.   Sometimes the process goes wrong with the birthing of a new hag, and a Hexblood is created. This type of being hasn't gone through the full birthing process, and is left in a halfway state. They are usually solitary beings themselves, have some of the powers of a full hag. Each Hexblood can vary in looks and attitude to life. Some are good, some are evil, and their skin colour varies tremendously. In every case they are usually shunned and hunted. In most societies they are killed if found, being seen as abominations, and in the case of hags hunting them, forced to become full bloods. They also have a feature of a bony ridge around their heads making it look like a bone crown on them. By nature they are all female, not like Tieflings who can be either gender.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Happens that they interfere with a pregnancy of another humanoid species. Female child changes at the age of 13 to a Hag.

Ecology and Habitats

Found throughout Europe with different types of Hag specialised to different terrain.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Most are standard Hags with Aunties being of lower levels of advanced years. The eldest is known as Grandmothers or 'Grannies'.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Throughout Europe.

Average Intelligence

Middling to high.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

Anything that is ugly to most other species is beautiful to a hag.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Common, Draconic and Sylvan

Common Etiquette Rules

A hag will not cross or enter another hag's territory without being invited first. Will stay at the fringes of it even if just passing through.   Has no compunction on messing with other species but will look to harm whoever crosses her.   Always have to be addressed correctly and deferred to when speaking with one.

Common Dress Code

Will dress in anything at hand, no matter how damaged it is.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Descended of some of the earliest Fey.

Historical Figures

Baba Yaga is seen as the mother of all Hags.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Hates all other creatures and will quickly stir up trouble in other creatures communities.
"Never go near that copse & swampland. A green hag lives there, called Grannie Annie. Seems a cheerful sort, and always breaks out food & strong drink. Pity that they are usually laced with strong drugs. Most don't make it, and the meat she uses.... Where do you think it originally comes from?   We tried to drive her out once, but didn't work. Cursed the lot of us, and now the village is sinking into the same swampland. What can we do though? We ended up trying to bargain with her, and her bargains always had a sting in the tail. I'm the only one left here now, the rest either moved on, or dead."   Unnamed hermit in Provence.
The Feywild
Average Height
5 to 6 feet tall
Geographic Distribution

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