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Thistle Pixies

Thistle Pixies are notorious creatures from the Feywild. They love to annoy larger Fey creatures of all kinds and regularly dress in clothing made from thistles. Since they have lost the ability to fly, they do this to prevent themselves being preyed upon by other creatures.

Basic Information


Thistle Pixies follow the same morphology of all pixies except in one key way. They lack wings & the capacity to fly. Other than that they look like miniature Elves, slightly built, with pointy ears/


Thistle Pixies are even more mischievous than most small Fey. They love to play pranks, and not above hurting others for fun, especially those who they feel has wronged them. A common practise is to leave thistle spines in places that will hurt others, and sometimes do the same bits of thorn bushes & nettle leaves. They prefer to do this in small groups, usually made up of family, clan, and tribal members.   They generally aren't trusted to much by other Fey, and they don't care. As a group they usually just want to be left alone the majority of time, but will deal with other Fey when and where necessary. When they do so, they regularly are curt & straight to the point, though they will show respect to more powerful Fey.

Civilization and Culture


Thistle Pixies are an off-shoot of Pixies that have a dark streak in them. This reveals itself in the compulsion to play nasty tricks on others. When one is found in a tribe of pixies, the individual is stripped of their wings, and forced into exile. From there, they make their way to one of the few colonies in the Feywild or Material Plane where other Thistle Pixies live. Some are descendants of previous generations of Thistle Pixies whose ancestors were cast out long long ago. They are generally neutral, favouring neither the Seelie nor Unseelie Courts over each other.   Hated by many peoples of the Material Plane, they give the Pixies a bad name. This forces them to hide from many Mortal Species and sometimes take up with Dark Fey. This doesn't make it any easier for them and has led many of these Pixies to develop a hatred for other life. When this happens they will happily play painful dangerous pranks on these species, and will take up with evil humanoids if it involves striking back at other species.   After a few generations they learned to harvest thistles and work the plants into clothing. This gave them a form of defence against predators and those that would them harm. At the same time they worked out how to use thorn bushes, blackthorn, and nettles in the same way, and use these for clothing or building materials. Leftover parts are used for their 'pranks' and judiciously used at that. In a way, it allows others to work out what type of Fey is present and tormenting an individual or broup.
"Right little buggers those ones. No matter what you do, there's almost no way to stop their 'pranks'. Leave them alone, that's the only way. No matter what you do, just leave them."   A mother to her daughter in Ayrshire in Scotti territory.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Geographic Distribution

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