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Lord Diablos

Lord Diablos is a blood drinker vampire, who was bitten & changed 90 years ago. The vampire that changed him originally was from another world called Ravnica. This creature fell into service of the Necrocult, and had led a group of undead (wights & skeletons) against a Rus settlement near Novgorod. All but three were massacred by them, and one of the survivors was a human who eventually became Lord Diablos. He has since forgotten his name, as his mind changed completely after being remade as a vampire. This was in part to being given the choice of becoming a vampire or being sacrificed to a god of death. Neither was appealing to him yet the former was, he believed, the better option and may provide some chance however small, to hit back at his captors. After a couple of decades he had proven himself and given to leading & organising some troops for his masters. Though not the highest ranking of the cult, and not in charge of all troops either, he is a capable military 'man' and eventually got his own back on his immediate master. When the vampire wasn't looking, Diablos (the name he took after changing) cut him to pieces and burned the body parts on a pyre as an offering to the gods of death as a whole. After this, he eventually was given more leeway with organising troops, and brokering deals with mortals looking alternative troop types to standard mercenaries. So far he has been quite successful, and at present trying to finalize a deal for such with the Saxons. This would help both Diablos, and the cult, extend both their influence and the conflict. The more damage done to both the Saxons & the Franks, results in a bigger death toll & bodies / souls for turning to lesser undead.

Undead Rus Viking Aggressive and intelligent leader Has undead troops under his command

Character Location
Current Location
North Eastern Europe
Neutral Evil
Current Location
32 before being turned, 122 after
Yellow, and glows in the dark
Long Black Tied Back
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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