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Session 24: Aachen Assventures Report

General Summary

The heroes have got close to the actual battle. Ale Storm has entered, and had found the Tower Tavern where he has been playing. Originally from Ireland, he had to flee assuming a new identity. He is a bard. When Willhelm leaves the Tower of Emon Kanis, Durge is forced out of the pocket Dimension at the tower near Willhelm who greets him, and tell him that they are looking people to work for them. Durge went up, was let in, and was given a horse. He will have a small job in the meantime, and if he goes to the Tower Tavern word will be sent down.   Meanwhile, Grimmaz is contacted and brought back to the tower where he is met by Emon, the Seeress, and Floki Bigbeard. He is told that Floki, the Burgeaters, and Mikeal Andolf is to split from him, and go to form up with other military units. Grimmaz is given three notes to be took to the Tower Tavern. There he meets Durge, Willhelm and Ale. There Willhelm is given the documents to allow him to get into the Saxon camp & spread misinformation, as well as lie about what should be done next. Durge is given orders to take a half dozen mercenary cavalry and do a bit of harassing of the enemy. Also, Grimmaz has the order to attack the flank causing another bit of harassment, taking Kulug Jocki, Alfre, and Ale Storm.   Willhelm is shown his family, and goes to leave, while Durge gets one of the mercenaries to draw off five enemy cavalry, and then attacks another group before retreating (a hit-and-run attack). Grimmaz, Ale Storm and the rest attack stragglers and the like at the back of the force dealing some damage, killing a few Frydmen by axe & sword, while Also Storm casts Shatter on another unit killing three by exploding them, and injuring two others. Willhelm watches this outside the Jarl's tent, and Durge charges in spiking one in lifting the body up on his glaive. Also, Ale Storm manages to insult he only remaining Thegn weakening him.   They are now set up to attack from the back, maybe even the Jarl herself.

Rewards Granted

Ale Storm got 2 gold, Wilhelm got 20 silver, and all players got 2,500 xp.

Character(s) interacted with

Emon Kanis, Floki Bigbeard, Alfre, Jarl Saxton
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Grimmaz Fyrwin
Neutral Human ()
Fighter 14
144 / 144 HP
Report Date
16 Jun 2022
Secondary Location


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