Elders being met, and Birgin and his silver. Plot in The True Dark Ages | World Anvil

Elders being met, and Birgin and his silver.

Grimmaz meets with the elders of his hometown Eschbach, and Birgin makes a return to the city of Aachen.

Plot points/Scenes

Grimmaz has the opportunity to meet up with the elders of Eschbach, and persuade them that Charlemagne is looking for him to take over leadership of the town to him. He can take over and run it how he sees fit, and can take up trade of some type with outside agencies. He will be advised to keep the elders on side to help him run the town when away on business. Emon Kanis allows him to use a Dimension Door and use a quartz stone to use it to one further location Grimmaz knows. Father Tossil will arrive & depart the same way. They can talk about the black dragon scale, will be informed that it holds a magical map to the Black Pyramid (3d style) north of Alexandria if used by a red dragon with a white scale and it, a white dragon with it or a red scale, or a black dragon with a white and red scale. It will show hidden tunnels leading down into the area it sits in.   It contains powerful evil magic like the pyramid itself, and leads to ancient magic that a group of serpents (the Yuan-Ti) are after, along with the Children of the Nazarene & to a lesser extent he Necrocult want as well. He'll be informed that if Birgin is mentioned that the latter has all he needs to enter it, and plunder the magic within to start raising dragons again. There is hope though, as plenty of others will gladly look to stop this, even if they are looking the same sort of thing.   He is also in a position to be attacked by an assassin, by Barnard Athelbrooke, or by a surprise appearance of Lord Diablos.     Willhelm & Ale is present when Birgin returns to Aachen. He has the black dragon scale on his forehead, and a red dragon scale on his throat. By this time, Emon Kanis has rounded up the silver he wanted and demands he leaves. Birgin is only too happy and tells them that he is now going south to an ancient repository of power hidden from the lesser races. There he will look to resurrect the dragons to their glory if all goes well, especially since he now has the scales, and map to where it lies.   If questioned, he will say it lies north of a city that had it's repository burned by the Romans, and never fully restored. He'll mention that he will hate getting there due to the heat, and that beings who had worshipped serpents & dragons will help him too.   The place he mentions is the Black Pyramid, and the other is Alexandria.   Both Willhelm & Ale will have to figure out what Birgin means and if they can beat him there if need be.   While this happens they may be attacked by an assassin sent by the Saxons. Also there is a mention by Birgin that he spotted a heavily cowled figure from behind the undead army watching the whole thing while on a zombie horse. Near the end he vanish and Birgin thought he saw the character entering the city to the east.   They have the chance as well of finding out that this is a test of the weaker troops of the Necrocult and that the majority of forces were held back. Another attack seems unlikely but other actions may be took instead and the threat still there. Scrying may reveal that the Necrocult is devising more powerful creatures to sow terror in Europe as a whole and many have already been sent out ready for use. Also, elements of Star God Cults have been found in slightly larger numbers amongst the troops, and sightings of aberrations have increased at least in glimpses, but nothing concrete as yet.


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