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Recovering A Book

Fleec is approached by a homunculus sent by de Rais. It has instructions for the retrieval of a book hidden under Old Minster, in Winchester.

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Fleec is approached by a homunculus in the employ of de Rais. It contains paperwork for him to go to Old Minster in Southern Britain, and at the same time if he wants to meet his family he can. Full documents are approved for them to return with him if they want, or to be used to set up business with the de Rais estate, legally or illegally as they see fit. All are forged, and well done.   He is also shown that there is the church of Old Minster has a hidden chamber in below it. It contains a rare & precious book that de Rais wants. It is hidden there and originally from the Library of Alexandria, and referred to as the Book of the Librarian. It is meant to contain rituals and names of 'beings' linked to a group called The Order of the Gash. A door will bar his way and he has to solve the puzzle using numerology. If so, and he gets the book he is free to return and give the book to the homunculus. After that he is free to go.   Fleec has the choice to keep the book, hand it over to de Rais, sell it, or hand it over to the authorities who will eventually use it to ring down de Rais himself. At the same time he may attract the attention of Librarian Stitchscar at any point who may try to bargain with him to act as the keeper of the book. Anyone who approaches him if he does so, he has to ask 'What is your pleasure, Sir?' and then give the book over to them.   At the time of the theft, he can use the aid of anybody else who is available.   Fleec has the option of getting the Thieves Guild of Frankia to go in with his mother's smuggling operation, and to help funnel money & information to her. The latter can be done with his father too, with them trying to get information about the lost mines. What they can find out easily it is either one of two places: along the bottom of the Sahara (either the Sahara Atlas Range or Aures Mins. in the east), or in the Iranian / Persian Plateau. Further investigation would be needed, and contacts made.
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