The Temple of Set

The Temple of Set is an ancient occult order currently under the control of Burgomaster Drogon de Rais in Parisius. He took control of this secret society in 777 AD, after sacrificing the previous master (Pierre Verdun) to Set. The cult worships in a secret dungeon below the estate of de Rais, due to the ground originally being owned by the Verdun family. The occult rituals and spells used, even now comes from a mix of sources, especially from Africa, and others have been traced to other countries over the years. The character of Set is usually portrayed as a swarthy man wrapped up similar to an Egyptian mummy, with reddish hands, and a pharaonic headdress. The headdress has a serpent design on the front and blue & red stripes running round it. Set is further portrayed as a god of demons & devils, destruction, chaos, violence, murder, and a practitioner of necromancy, divination, summoning creatures from beyond, and anti Christian.   The cult follows the same path were possible, and practices blood sacrifice, especially of children. They worship other evil deities too, such as Lucifer, Iblis, Apep / Apophis, Diana, along with more demonic & devilish beings. Set is seen by them as being the most ancient of all of these deities, and linked to a far older religion. Adherents, when questioned, seem to refer to him in a way that sounds more like Apep, and the god of a prehistoric religion involving snakes. Also, the cultists say he was around at the time of a single continent called Hyperborea and had cults all over what became Africa & the Middle East, and as far into what is now India. No scholar at this time can find actual proof, though certain old tales, myths, and legends, along with ancient (although dubious) texts & spells, state this too. Accordingly, some of these scholars postulate that Set is mistaken for one of the gods of the Yuan-Ti, or maybe an ancient dragon of some type.   Not everyone in Parisius is aware of this cult, and high ranking members of society are aware of some type of dubious activity is taking place at the de Rais estate. They are trying to get information concerning this though everything has proved fruitless at present. Every once in a while children go missing at equinoxes & solstices, and never seen again. Usually the children disappear around Parisius and the de Rais estate, and possdibly seen in the presence of associates of de Rais.


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